Latest Development: Brandon Johnson Replaces Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot After She Gets Defeated In The Recent Mayoral Elections

Credits: Kamil Krzaczyński, Sun-Times

On Tuesday this week, the Windy City voted for its new mayor following a crucial battle between two Democrats. 

The far-leftist, Brandon Johnson, who was backed by Bernie Sanders, won the election, taking over the keys to Chicago’s mayor’s office. 

The progressive commissioner of Cook County, Brandon Johnson defeated his rival, previous Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Paul Vallas, to take over the Chicago mayor’s office, replacing the retiring Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who positioned third as she lost the re-election. 

Vallas procured the backing of major business groups and the Chicago police union, on the other hand, Jhonson received support from Chicago Teacher’s Union. 

Lightfoot was the first Mayor of Chicago in four decades who lost a re-election bid. 

After the two-round system election that saw the two candidates competing against one another for the mayoral position of the Windy City, Brandon Johnson, a radical leftist, defeated his party ally, Paul Vallas. 

Before Tuesday’s election, the mayoral candidates passed the whole weekend with attention to the uncertain voters. 

Vallas won the majority of votes in the initial general election, which resulted in a two-round system election between Vallas and Johnson. 

However, Brandon Johnson, who received the endorsement by democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, was able to beat Paul Vallas.

The hike in the crime rate of Chicago had an important part in the decision of Chicago voters who voted out Lightfoot, as the voters saw the surge in crimes to a whole new level during the time she held office. 

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