Latest Development: After The Election Loss Stacy Abrams Becomes A Member Of An Environmental Group Pushing Gas Stoves Ban


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Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, has moved on after her loss to Republican Brian Kemp in the Georgia governor race last November. 

Abrams announced her new position as senior counsel for the nonprofit environmental group Rewiring America. The group focuses on “electrifying our homes, businesses, and communities.” 

Rewiring America is the group behind the ban on gas stoves. Abrams’ role will be to launch a national campaign aimed at helping “Americans go electric.” 

“She will also guide the organization as it builds the tools and capacity to connect Americans and their communities to machines, installers, Inflation Reduction Act incentives, and jobs in the clean energy transition,” according to the group.

“Growing up on the Gulf Coast, not far from a significant concentration of the petrochemical industry, I’ve seen the environmental and health injustices that visit communities isolated from political power and economic opportunity,” Abrams said in a statement.

“We are at an inflection point, where families in the South and across the country live too close to the economic edge, and every dollar saved now changes their future. But few understand how much money they can save with a little help to upgrade their homes and vehicles.”

“I’m excited to join Rewiring America to share the benefits of electrification and ensure families get their fair share,” she added.

What is their fair share? How can electrification help families get their fair share? Has anyone asked these questions?

Abrams continued, “I look forward to working together as we build the tools that will transform everyday Americans from energy consumers to energy moguls in their own communities.”

Abrams shared the news via Instagram and added that she’s joining the group because of their vision to “connect communities across our nation and show how we can choose clean energy.” Abrams and the group claim we can do this without sacrifice.

Rewiring America co-founder and CEO Ari Matusiak said in a statement, “Rewiring America anchors our work in how the decisions we make around the kitchen table about the machines we use can save us money, make our homes and communities healthier, and reduce climate-harming emissions.

“Stacey Abrams’ career of public service has hit all these themes and more. She’s a brilliant and visionary organizer who will accelerate our work and expand the audience for the benefits of electrification — the most equity-centered climate strategy we have.”

There’s that phrase again…”equity-centered.” What is an equity-centered climate strategy? The people who sign on to this ideology believe that climate change disproportionally impacts “marginalized communities of color.”

Rewiring America is sponsored by the Windward Fund, a nonprofit connected to the “billion-dollar dark money network” and therefore does not file federal tax forms.

The group has a lot of influence over state and federal policies being present at both an electrification summit and the celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act at the White House.

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