“Last Drop Of Blood”; A Recently Married Ukrainian Couple Has Immediately Joined The War Effort Against Russia

Yaryna Arieva

It was reported earlier today by Fox News that the young Ukrainian couple who captured hearts around the world when they married early amid Russia‘s invasion and immediately joined the war effort continue to be optimistic about Ukraine’s future, but they are asking for help to gather supplies.

Yaryna Arieva, 21, and her 24-year-old husband, Sviatoslav Fursin, married as soon as Russia’s invasion began in February, months ahead of their planned wedding date, and joined Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces immediately after their wedding.

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The couple live in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, where Russian officials say they plan to scale back military operations after more than a month of fighting.

“We will still be fighting until the last drop of blood, but if Ukraine falls, then someone will be next. Russia never stops,” Arieva told Fox News Digital.

“They have nothing. They have nothing to feed their people, but still, they will try to take other countries and bring their Russian world – and the Russian world looks like complete [destruction] and fear.”

In Kyiv, Russian forces have fallen back about 25 miles from the city’s center, Arieva explained, and residents of the city who have been sheltering underground for weeks are finally coming up for air – even if only for a brief period of time before Russian soldiers advance again. 

Arieva and her husband were recently sent home from the Territorial Defense Force as more Ukrainians with military experience returned to the city and began volunteering.

Now, they spend their time offering assistance to humanitarian programs, gathering food and water for those in need.

“The city is waking up. … Some shops are opening. Even some coffee shops. A little of them, but still. … I was in the Territorial Defense for a month, and the only coffee I had was this coffee you take out of a packet.

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And when I had a chance to drink a normal cappuccino, it was the greatest taste I could ever imagine after this time. It was, like, three days ago, but I still remember it,” Arieva said.

She and her husband expect the fighting to continue after this brief period of “calm” but are not sure how long it will go on.

“We really don’t know how long it will take to win the war because like the situation on the first day – it was really hard fighting. Now, everything [is] calmer, especially near Kyiv.

But still, this calmness of the fight means it will take much longer from both sides,” Arieva said. “… We will take every meter of opportunity that Russians tried to take from us.”

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