Kim Potter, The Cop Who Killed Daunte Wright, Receives A Two-Year Sentence From The Judge

Photo Sources: Minnesota police officer who shot black motorist resigns | ITV News

Kimberly Potter, a former police officer in Minnesota, was sentenced to two years in jail on Friday for killing shooting Black motorist Daunte Wright during a traffic check.

Potter, 49, was sentenced after sobbing in front of her victim’s family.

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She conveyed her remorse to the Wright family, pleading for forgiveness for her tragically committed error.

Potter, who mistook her firearm for her Taser and shot Wright, 20, as he resisted authorities who stopped him in a Minneapolis suburb last April, was declared guilty of first-degree and second-degree manslaughter by a court in December.

Judge Regina Chu handed down a two-year sentence, two-thirds of which will be served in jail and the other third on supervised release.

Chu claimed that, while she did not believe Potter posed a risk of committing crimes, a key factor in her decision, she considered some punishment was necessary because her miscalculation resulted in a death.

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This incident generated several protests in Brooklyn Center, garnering widespread attention at a period when many Americans were battling against racism and police brutality.

Potter and another officer stopped Wright because an air freshener was improperly hanging from his mirror and his car registration tab was expired.

They then found that he was wanted on a minor firearms offense and attempted to apprehend him. Wright fought back, eluding the second officer.

According to a video from her body-worn camera, Potter shouted, “Taser, Taser, Taser,” and discharged her firearm at Wright. Potter expressed concern about the welfare of a third cop who had entered the vehicle through the passenger door.

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