Kevin McCarthy says Washington needs to cut the wasteful spending in new interview

Credit: Yahoo Finance, Brett J Smith

Kevin McCarthy in his little time as speaker has passed a bill to remove funding for the 87,000 IRS agents designed to go after the middle class, established a selected committee to investigate China and established a committee to investigate the DOJ and FBI.

Kevin McCarthy has made it clear that he wants things to change around here in Washington, D.C stating he wants to open the capitol to the public so they can watch their government at work. He also has made it clear we need to spend less money and not spend money we don’t have.

McCarthy would go through 15 rounds in order to earn the speakership but so far things have been moving along as the house recently passed a bill providing medical care to a child who survives a failed abortion attempt. Many freedom caucus house republicans felt like Kevin McCarthy met those demands for changes during the later speakership votes, and so far Kevin McCarthy has delivered on his promises.

Credit: House Republicans Twitter

Kevin McCarthy who has been critical on the $1.7 trillion omnibus bill that was passed before the 118th congress could even elect a speaker.

Kevin McCarthy would refer to how the federal government is spending money like a child who’s credit card keeps hitting the limit. He would also go onto say you wouldn’t increase it as well.

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