Ken Bone Returns; Calls Out Democrat Supporters For Being Hateful

Ken Bone, the legend who asked the question during the 2016 debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, has risen on twitter for the 2020 election cycle. In 2016, Mr. Bone revealed that he voted for Hillary Clinton. This year he has announced that he is no longer going to vote blue and he has voted for Jo Jorgensen. Ken realized there is a major difference between the right and the left in 2020, and that is the level of hate he has received from one side. See his perspective below.

The Party of Love and Inclusivity is Filled With Hate

The Palmer Report is one of the most reprehensible organizations on the planet. They spew hate filled filth every day. They took offense to Ken Bone saying he was going to vote 3rd party and they let him know exactly what they think of him. This nation needs to see unity, and clearly there is one side that is spewing more hate than anyone else in this election cycle. They just like to claim they are filled with love when they are not.

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