KARMA: Woke Seattle City Council Member Who Advocated To ‘Defund the Police’ Slams Cops For “Failing To Investigate” Feces Thrown Into Her Yard

Source: Seattle times

Disclaimer: This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author.

Kshama Sawant, a Seattle City Councilmember, is complaining that the police are not doing their job. In her words, they are “failing to investigate” a couple of politically motivated instances. She wrote a letter to the police to voice her anger about inadequate protection.

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Fox News reported the letter:

“There is obviously a glaring inconsistency between this approach and the way in which former Mayor Durkan, after a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest was held a short distance from her mansion, was provided with a 24-hour stakeout for a full year,” Sawant wrote in her letter, suggesting she deserved police protection as a result of the incidents. “As a socialist City Councilmember who has participated in Black Lives Matter protests, I am being told that my case of six threatening incidents involving human excrement doesn’t merit even a serious investigation, let alone protection.”

This is an awful situation. No one wants fecal matter thrown at them, especially not six times. Sawant is accusing the police of dragging their feet on the subject, and because the story has reached several conservative outlets, she blames the police for leaking her story.

Source: King 5/Youtube

Fox 13 reported:

Several conservative publications have reported these incidents, and Sawant says information “was apparently leaked to the right-wing media by Seattle Police.”

“Needless to say, it is disturbing that right-wing media, including a police-run website named [Law Officer], portrays these attacks on my home as justified against an elected representative who has the temerity to criticize the police or attempt to hold them accountable. That is certainly a dangerous direction, especially if it is embraced by police and de facto supported by SPD leadership and the city’s Democratic Party establishment,” wrote Sawant.

The Seattle Police Department has stated that it takes incidents like Sawant’s seriously. In the SPD statement, they said that they haven’t found any evidence that meets the city’s standards of a hate crime.

According to Seattle and Washington State law, the descriptions of a hate crime should alarm people. It is a legal form of censoring free speech disguised as offering extra protection. On its surface, it sounds good because high crimes such as murder being committed against someone due to their skin color is wrong. However, trying to prove a biased viewpoint fueled the motivation to commit a crime can be difficult.

Seattle and Washington State law is also very loose in its description of what constitutes as a hate crime. It even states that a person has a better chance of making “a civil cause of action against the suspect” because it requires less burden of proof.

According to Sawant’s friends, the suspect threw a plastic bag at her house and then ran away. There isn’t much to go on except for the view pictures her friends took when they confronted the suspect.

Source: Fox 13/ Surveillance images show the suspect. (Seattle Police Department)

Maybe this case of hers wouldn’t be on the back burner for the proposals of defunding the police.

Maga conservatives reported:

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant revealed her proposal on Thursday for defunding the police department’s budget by an estimated $85 million, effective next month.

“Seattle’s movement is demanding that Seattle Police Department be defunded by at least 50%,” she said.

That proposed plan, which will be introduced in amendments before the council’s budget committee on Friday, includes $34.7 million for affordable housing in communities that have faced displacement and gentrification; $16.3 million to fund currently unfunded city services; $15.5 million for Black and brown restorative justice and other community programs; and $14.7 million to move the 911 center out of SPD’s control.

It is not because of her viewpoints or protesting in BLM riots, she wanted to defund the police, and the council passed her proposals. Her proposals were passed by a 6-3 vote, which has led to officers leaving the force in droves. She got what she wanted; now, she must reap what she sowed.

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