Justice Served Cold: While In Jail, A California Prisoner Has Now Beaten Two Child Molesters To Death With A Cane

Photo Source: California Department of Corrections via AP

According to CBS News, a life-sentenced criminal has confessed to the killings of two toddlers. According to CBS News, in a letter, a convicted killer serving a life sentence admitted to killing two child molesters in jail.

Jonathan Watson confirmed to the Bay Area News Group that he was convicted of murder in 2009. Watson wrote in his letter that he hit the convicted child molesters with a cane in January.

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He claimed to have alerted prison officials about the impending attack. Watson was recently relocated to Corcoran’s California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, where he was assigned a reduced security level.

He was promoted from Level III to Level II security, indicating that he was now more secure.

Watson later labeled the relocation a blunder and said that a “child molester” had moved into his pod. According to the news site, the perpetrator, dubbed “Molester #1,” was caught watching PBS Kids in front of other inmates, which Watson saw as an insult.

Watson writes, “I couldn’t sleep since I hadn’t done what my intuition told me I should’ve done right then and there.” “So I packed everything since I thought the matter will be resolved in some way the next day.”

He adds that when he notified a prison counselor that he wished to be sent back to Level III security, he was “scoffed at.”

“I was contemplating it all over when Molester #1 came by and put his TV straight back on PBS Kids,” he wrote. “However, this time, someone else remarked something to the effect of, ‘Is this person really going to watch this right in front of us?’ and I recollect answering, ‘I got this.’ And I took up the cane and began working on him.”

Watson then proceeded to confront a guard and confess, but something stopped him. “As I went to the lowest layer, I recognized a notorious kid trafficker and decided I’d simply do everyone.”

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in January that they were looking into the deaths of 48-year-old David Bobb and 62-year-old Graham De Luis-Conti after Watson assaulted them and caused head wounds.

According to the agency, both were serving life terms with the possibility of release for aggravated sexual assault on a minor under the age of 14.

Watson has been sent to a separate living unit. According to The Mercury News, no additional charges have been filed. According to a department representative, the situation is presently being investigated. Watson stated in his letter that he will plead guilty to the murders.

“As a lifer, I’m in a rare situation where I occasionally have access to these folks and I have so little to lose,” Watson said in his letter adding that molesters are “every parents’ worst nightmare” who can change a child’s life forever.

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