Just In: Reporter Exposes Damning Evidence In Hunter Biden’s Case That Leads To Joe Biden

CBS’s Veteran Reporter Catherine Herridge has found some damning evidence that may lead back to Joe Biden in Hunter Biden’s documents.

Hunter Biden has been under extreme scrutiny over the past year and ever since House Republicans have launched an investigation into Hunter Bidens International business deals.

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In recent findings Catherine Herridge shared more…

 The Republican-led House Ways & Means Committee has released hundreds of new documents from the Hunter Biden investigation, and I want to walk you through exhibits 202 and 203.

Exhibit 202 is an email from August 2020 sent by prosecutor Leslie Wolf to senior FBI and IRS investigators who are drafting a search warrant. Wolf tells them to keep the scope narrow and limited to potential violations of foreign lobbying laws, or FARA, and to remove references to “Political Figure 1.”

Who is Political Figure 1, why can they not? share who this individual is?

Catherine Herridge went on to state more on her thoughts of who “Political Figure 1” is…

So who is “Political Figure 1?” Well, that’s explained in Exhibit 203. It is heavily reacted, but this is the draft warrant and it lists “Political Figure 1” as former Vice President Joe Biden.

The IRS whistleblowers have alleged they were blocked from following evidence that may have led to President Biden. We reached out to special counsel David Weiss and the Justice Department, who declined to comment. Weiss says he is working independently from the Justice Department.

President Biden and Hunter Biden have denied any wrongdoing.

Catherine Herridge went on to report the development in the case where Hunter plead guilty to lying about a felony he previously had over gun safety.

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