Just In: “Non-Binary” Democratic Rep. From Oklahoma In Big Trouble For Allegedly Sheltering A Fugitive In Capitol Office

Credits: Mauree Turner Campaign

The Oklahoma House has censured a “non-binary” Democratic Representative from Oklahoma City, Mauree Turner, over allegations that she hindered an official investigation by hiding a fugitive.

The fugitive assaulted a state trooper and another House member last week and was wanted by law enforcement authorities for questioning.

Fox News reported that Turner was harboring the fugitive in the Capitol Office and declined requests from the officials of law enforcement to access the fugitive.

The outlet revealed:

“The incident happened after the House passed a bill banning gender-affirming care for minors. Shortly after the bill passed, the suspected fugitive allegedly assaulted both a House member and an Oklahoma Highway Patrol officer in the state capitol building. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted 81-19 to censure Turner.”

Republican House Speaker, Charles McCall, issued a statement and accused Turner of intentionally obstructing an official investigation by lying to law enforcement officials while hiding the fugitive.

McCall also argued that Turner deliberately misused her influence and power to obstruct the investigation.

McCall claimed:

“I want to make something very clear: I will not allow members of the House of Representatives to use their House-assigned offices and official positions to impede law enforcement from carrying out investigations or making arrests in the State Capitol.”

The Speaker added:

“Our law enforcement officers leave their homes every day to serve and protect us, never knowing if it might be the last time, they see their families. The House stands by our law enforcement, and will not allow what is an already dangerous and unpredictable job to become more dangerous due to the actions of a member of our body.”

He continued:

“The inappropriate, and potentially criminal, actions exhibited by this member of the House were deserving of censure, and the actions taken by the House today were both measured and just.”

Turner reacted to the vote with a tweet:

“When I walk into the chamber and there’s a gaggle of troopers talking about me, I think about how Republicans have used every resource in their *power to make this place unsafe to Trans Oklahomans. To Us. To Me…2-spirit, Trans & Gender Non-conforming Oklahomans.”

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