Just In: Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Blasted For The “Word Salad” She Used To Defend The Biden Admin’s Border Policy


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Karine Jean-Pierre is not winning any awards as White House Press Secretary but in her defense, it is a tough job. If you’re not a skilled liar, and she is not, the days can be very long in that position. 

Imagine facing the press and trying to pretend that the Biden administration has a handle on what’s happening at the southern border. 

And then with a straight face, blame everything wrong with immigration on former President Trump. 

Maybe she missed this headline from CBS News in October 2021, “Illegal immigration soars under Biden to third-highest in 97 years.”

The article goes on to explain that 1.9 million noncitizens tried to get into the U.S. by coming across our borders or from either coast or by air, land, or sea port. 

In the previous year, under Trump, border officials encountered less than half that many. The data shows 646,822 encounters in the fiscal year 2020.

Don’t try to confuse her with data though. Jean Pierre defended Biden’s policies and played the blame game when speaking to Chris Hayes, host of MSNBC’s “All in With Chris Hayes.”

She told Hayes, “What we’re going to promise is that we’re going to do this. We’re going to move forward with a, with this kind of system, this immigration system, that has been gutted, really truly gutted, by the last administration.”

She continued, “We’re gonna move forward and do it in a humane way. We’re gonna do it in a safe way. And we’re going to do it in the way that moves us forward. And so what we have been seeing, what we have been dealing with, again, is trying to fix the damage that the last administration do–did.”

Her word salad was not complete. She added, “What we have done is we have opened the path to – we have opened the path to make sure that people have a way to get, to come through and to do it in a legal pathway.”

Twitter responses to Jean-Pierre’s acclamations of Biden’s border policy did not disappoint.

RNC Research Twitter account pounced on the press secretary’s response, tweeting, “Karine Jean-Pierre attempted to explain the Biden administration’s non-existent border policy and it did not go well”

Newsbusters news analyst Kevin Tober was astonished. He wrote, “I transcribed her answer and it’s a complete word salad.”

After viewing the clip of the Hayes interview, conservative writer Doug Powers concluded, “Emptier words have never been spoken by anybody not named Kamala Harris.”

One Twitter user tweeted, “So, the Biden Administration is considering doing family detentions at the border again. I’m actually impressed with Chris Hayes in this interview. Karine’s attempt to dodge was painful.”

Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks, R-Iowa, wondered what was humane in the current border policy. The lawmaker reminded us that there were 880 deaths last year as people tried to cross the border.

There were 107,000 opioid deaths. There’s ongoing child sex trafficking and rapes. The cartels and terrorists are getting into the country. Where is humanity in that?

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