JUST IN: Elon Musk Puts Woke World Economic Forum On Notice, ‘Unelected World Government That The People Never Asked For And Don’t Want

Credits: Markus Schreiber, Trevor Cokley

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that is currently being held in Davos, as the meeting was scheduled to take place from January 16th to January 20th.

Numerous people are showing doubts regarding the validity and permissibility of a non-elected class of elites which is trying to influence the people of this planet on how to live in this world.

One of the numerous folks criticizing the unelected group of elites is the CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk. Musk has been warning about the WEF as he believes the organization is heading too far in its pursuit to transform global economies and societies. The organization is taking such drastic actions as they think the world is heading towards chaos and these actions will help prevent it.

“WEF is increasingly becoming an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want,” Musk tweeted.

Musk responded with such remarks after the video came to light, in which WEF founder Klaus Schwab, along with several other elites, was talking about the organization’s latest “Global Collaboration Village” agenda in the Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world built by Meta, the company that owns Facebook.

In the video clip, Schwab was seen elaborating on the World Economic Forum’s virtual village. He believes it is trustworthy as the International Criminal Police Organization, also known as INTERPOL, will be closely operating with them to make sure the safety of everything.

The feedback to that measure makes one wonder, is INTERPOL trustworthy?

Before the WEF’s annual meeting, which is taking place this year, Musk expressed that he thought there was significant “value” in having an organization where several business leaders and governments can gather. He also added that the World Economic Forum “does kinda give me the willies.” 

Musk tweeted on the first day of the event, “‘Master the Future’ doesn’t sound ominous at all,” He also added, “How is WEF/Davos even a thing? Are they trying to be the boss of Earth!?”

Musk also highlighted the similarities between the World Economic Forum and 4chan, an online message board from the darkest side of the internet.

“Would be great if someone could compile a game contest of who said the craziest stuff between 4chan and WEF!” he stated. “My money is on the latter.”

Musk revealed that he had the offer to attend the forum. However, he declined the invitation. Later, the organization disclosed that Musk was never sent an invitation.

WEF was established by Schwab, back in 1971. This current year’s conference is featuring all of the usual suspects, which include several mainstream media reporters, tech leaders, Ukrainian officials, and the crusaders of climate change.

WEF was highly criticized last year for promoting the idea of using insects as a possible dietary source. An article from February 2022 by the organization labeled “5 reasons why eating insects could reduce climate change” tried to eliminate the common stigmas concerning the consumption of insects.

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