JUST IN: Antifa Thug & Son of Democrat Representative Arrested For Attacking Police Officer “NO COP CITY”

Credits: Nathan Howard, @RepKClark Twitter

According to reports, Jared Dowell, the 23 years old son of the Democratic House Minority Whip, Katherine M. Clark, was arrested following the Antifa riot in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dowell was apprehended by law enforcement authorities on Saturday night, as he was accused of vandalizing the Parkman Bandstand Monument with spray paints. Moreover, Dowell is also charged with attacking a police officer as he was resisting arrest. 

According to Clark’s office, Clark has been referring to Jared Dowell as her daughter, Riley Dowell, as she has previously claimed that Jared is non-binary. However, Dowell was identified as a male at his birth and the Boston police recognized the suspect by his birth name, Jared Dowell. 

According to the report released by the Boston Police Department, the police officers approached the protest, which was taking place at the Parkman Bandstand Monument in the Boston Common at around 9:30 p.m. “Upon arrival officers observed an individual defacing the monument with spray paint. The tagging read ‘NO COP CITY’ and ‘ACAB,'” authorities revealed. 

Such phrases are known to be used by Antifa activists who are anti-police. They have been seen rioting in the Atlanta “autonomous zone.”

Later on it was revealed that the accused individual was Jared Dowell, the son of the Democratic leader Katherine M. Clark. This information was brought to light by AntifaWatch.

An online biography of Rep. Katherine M. Clark shows Jared Dowell is registered as her child.  

As Dowell’s arrest was taking place, about 20 protesters gathered around the officers and they were “screaming profanities through megaphones,” stated the department. This ordeal happened on a busy public street, which caused massive disruption in the traffic as it came to a “standstill,” as per the statement. 

“While interfering with the arrest of Jared Dowell, an officer was hit in the face and could be seen bleeding from the nose and mouth.”

The Boston Police Department added that following Dowell’s successful apprehension, the Democratic leader’s son was charged with assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon, destruction and harming of private property, and damaging the property with spray paint graffiti.

Dowell’s prosecution will take place in Boston Municipal Court.

On Saturday night of the last weekend, Antifa individuals from Atlanta took over the streets and threw rocks and lit fires in front of the Atlanta Police Foundation. 

These events commenced following the brutal shooting of one of Antifa’s members, Manuel Esteban Paez Teran. In response, the Atlanta Forest Twitter account insisted on a “night of rage”. 

Manuel Esteban Paez Teran was shot dead by police officials after he shot and injured an officer who was involved in a police operation regarding the clearing of the Antifa-captured autonomous zone known as Cop City. It is the same place where the Atlanta Police Department Training Facility will be built. The injured police officer was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he is being treated.

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