Just Days After A Trans Massacred Six Christians In Nashville, Democrat Congresswoman Claims Trans Community “Is Being Forced To Fight For Its Very Existence”


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The issue of transgenderism is heating up as a top issue between conservatives and liberals. 

Democrats believe that new laws prohibiting gender reassignment for minors are an attack on the trans community. 

Why are they so focused on children? 

Minors can’t drink alcohol. They can’t get tattoos. They can’t join the military. 

Why should they be able to cut off body parts and take puberty blockers, especially with no data on the long-term effects? 

No Republican or Conservative has tried to stop an adult from transitioning. 

Everyone should be on the same team here. Children need to be protected from this ideology. It’s being forced down their throats. 

On Monday, a 28-year-old woman who identified as a man went into a Christian school and killed six people in the Nashville area. 

What is the reaction from the Left and the media? 

This is somehow the fault of Christians and Republicans for the recent laws passed in Tennesee to ban trans treatments for minors. 

No one is to blame here but the shooter. She obviously had some mental disorder that allowed her to gun down 9-year-olds in cold blood. 

Democrat Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts doesn’t see it that way either. Just days after the mass shooting in Nashville, she stood before Congress and said that the trans community is fighting for its existence. 

This is the woman who said, “We as a team and as a caucus reflect the diversity and the strength of the American people, and that is where we are able to come together around shared values and reflect back to American families that they are the priority,” after being put in a leadership position last November.

Are American families a priority? The trans community is top of the list of priorities within the Democrat party.

Her speech on Wednesday attacked Republicans and people of faith.

“Ahead of Trans Day of Visibility, I rise in honor of a community that is being forced to fight for its very existence,” Clark said.

“I rise in honor of trans joy that deserves to be celebrated, not eradicated,” she said.

“I rise with unconditional love for my trans daughter, Riley, and I rise in solidarity with every trans American seeking nothing less than their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness.

“To stand in the way of that right is to stand against our most basic American values, but that’s exactly what MAGA extremists are doing across this country on school boards, in state capitols, here in the halls of Congress.

“They’re using their power to undermine the freedoms and human dignity of trans Americans,” Clark added.

“And they’re waging an especially vicious crusade on our kids. These attacks make me all the more grateful for the unconditional love that Mimi and Joe LeMay of Massachusetts have for their son Jacob.

Mimi and Joe have faced vitriol and cruelty from right-wing extremists all because they heard, accepted, and embraced Jacob when he told them he’s a boy.”

“I know your strength, but I also know how determined the forces are that have pitted themselves against you, the politicians and preachers who would rather see you languish in a dark closet,” Clark continued.

Who is stopping trans individuals from pursuing happiness? The six people killed in Nashville will not be able to pursue happiness ever again.

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