Joe Biden Proves He Has Absolutely No Clue What Is Going on, At Home Or Abroad.

YouTube screenshot, Courtesy of BBC News

A little over one month ago on July 8th, President Joe Biden stood at a podium fielding questions from reporters. One by one, he claimed that the assertions within their questions were just wrong.

One reporter asked if the Taliban takeover of the country was now inevitable. He responded with, “No, it is not…it is not inevitable.”

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Pointing to the fact that the Afghan forces outnumbered the Taliban 4 to 1, he called them on of the most capable and equipped Armies in the world.

Another reported stated that Boden’s own Intelligence community was predicting the fall of the Afghani government. Again, the President pointed out how wrong they were.

“That is not true. They did not reach that conclusion.”

Except they did, and they were correct. In fact, they were pointing that out two weeks prior to Biden’s incorrect responses.

And now, just a week after the withdrawal of most American troops, the nation’s capital is now back in the hands of the Taliban and the President has fled the country.

That, Mr. President, is the textbook definition of a collapsed government.

On Sunday, as the American military was evacuating diplomats from the embassy, and the Taliban was entering Kabul, President Ashraf Ghani was leaving the city and fleeing to neighboring Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, President Biden was on vacation at Camp David, apparently to preoccupied with a two-week break to come back to the White House to manage the situation.

Ghani claimed that he was leaving to prevent bloodshed. It was unclear if he was referring to the blood of innocent Afghan citizens, or his own.

The other questions up in the air are these:

  1. Did the President lie about the Intelligence communities conclusions, or did no one bother to tell him?
  2. Did the President lie about about the resolve of the Afghani military and government, or did no one bother to tell him that his assertions were incorrect?

Either way, we have a President that cannot tell the truth or one that cannot be trusted with the truth, so no one shares it with him.

Both of the scenarios leave our nation between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

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