Joe Biden Finally Talks About If He Will Pack The Supreme Court; His Answer Will Surprise You

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have been getting hammered for their inability to answer a simple question about if they will pack the supreme court. This is a very important issue in this election because it could cause a major political shift in our courts which will have terrible consequences if the democrats have their way. Joe Biden was asked about this again today and his response was quite terrifying, see the video below from Breaking911.

Mike Pence Calls Out Kamala in Debate On the SCOTUS Issue

Do we cherish the separation of powers in this nation? It is dangerous that the democrats are not willing to tell the nation what they plan to do. Is it because they know the citizens of this country won’t like their view? Why hasn’t the national media pressed them harder on this? See Pence obliterate Kamala below.

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