Jim Jordan Declares Investigation Into DOJ Over Alleged Spying On Congress Members

Jim Jordan is a prominent American politician known for his influential role in the United States Congress. Serving as a Republican member of the House of Representatives, Jordan has built a reputation as a staunch conservative and a key figure within the Republican Party.

The Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan has formally announced that the House will be investigating the Department of Justice for spying on members of congress and their staff.

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He also went into detail that the Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley said allegedly, that one of his former employees was spied on too.

Jordan detailed this on Fox…

“We now know that they spied on congressional staffers,” Jordan said in an appearance on Fox Business’s The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald. “We want to know, how far does it go? Were they spying on members? Were they spying on other staffers? Keep this in mind, Liz: We know they spied on President Trump’s campaign. We know all that from the FISA Court and what they did with Carter Page and Papadopoulos—everything else. Now we’ve learned that they spied on one of Sen. Grassley’s staff members, Jason Foster.”

“We want to know, does it go further?” he stressed. “So we’ve sent letters not only to the Department of Justice but to all these carriers that the Department of Justice worked with to get the phone records and the email records from congressional staffers like Mr. Foster. How far does this go? Were they spying on members and other staff?”

Jordan penned letters to the chief executives of Alphabet, Apple, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, along with a formal inquiry directed to Attorney General Merrick Garland. These letters sought crucial details regarding the Department of Justice’s reported efforts to access the personal communications of congressional members and their staff in the course of their investigation.

Tim Cook of Apple recieved this letter, “The Justice Department’s efforts to obtain the private communications of congressional staffers, including staffers conducting oversight of the Department, are wholly unacceptable and offend fundamental separation of powers principles as well as Congress’s constitutional authority to conduct oversight of the Department,”

“These revelations strongly suggest that the Justice Department weaponized its law-enforcement authority to spy on the entities seeking to hold it accountable,” the letter stated.

Take a look at the other letters written below…

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  1. Our Country NEEDS President Trump back in the White House with a Republican House and a Republican Senate !!! This is the ONLY way to get rid of and flush the dirty GESTOPO tactics of the CROOKED F.B.I. and the CROOKED DOJ !!!! The Worthless F.B.I. and DOJ are doing things that are done in a COMMUNIST country !!!! TRUMP 2024 !!!!

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