Jesse Watters Exposes Top Democrat For Allowing Border To Turn Into ‘War Zone’: “It’s clear to see they are viewed as…”

Fox News

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author. 

Jesse Watters, co-host of The Five and host of Jesse Watters Primetime on the Fox News channel, is not holding back on what’s really going on with our southern border. 

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Watters laid it all out during his monologue on his primetime show this week while reporting on the fatal shooting of an illegal border crosser by a border patrol agent. 

The shooting was in self-defense but sheds light on the problems at the border. Watters says that the Biden administration’s open border policy and sanctuary cities are an invitation for foreign nationals to break into our country. 

In part of his opening, Watters called the border a ‘war zone.’ He said, “The southern border is becoming a war zone. Foreign nationals dressed in camouflage are scaling barriers and sprinting into the country. Biden’s open border and the suction of sanctuary cities have created a conveyor belt of illegals from Central and South America.”

New York City is one of the many sanctuary cities for illegal migrants. Things are rapidly spinning out of control as illegals continue to pour into the city. 

“New York City, already reeling from a homeless crisis that they’re responsible for, is unable to absorb the thousands of illegals arriving by bus and plane.”

Watters spoke about the affordable housing crisis and says that the money was stolen by the people who run nonprofits in the city. The mayor, Eric Adams, responded to the crisis by building a tent city in a working-class neighborhood. 

When pressure mounted from the residents, they decided to move the tent city to Randalls Island in AOC’s district. 

“Randalls Island, a tiny island off the east side of Manhattan, is home to the city’s insane asylum, its waste treatment facility, and fields for kids to play sports on.” 

“So naturally, it’s the perfect place to build a tent city for thousands of illegal aliens.” 

Watters didn’t hold back. He referred to the time in 2019 when AOC celebrated Amazon pulling out of New York City. 

“Maybe if AOC hadn’t killed thousands of jobs that Amazon was going to bring to New York, the migrants might have had a place to work, but now they’re going to freeze on an island with nowhere to go except maybe swan dive into the East River and swim to Queens.”

He went on to highlight the congresswoman’s hypocrisy. 

“AOC wasn’t happy about migrant tents in her district and ripped Democrat Mayor Eric Adams.”

“Not in my backyard,” she said. 

“Well, who’s then? 

“Nancy wants to ship them to Florida to pick her crops.”

“I thought these migrants were DREAMers that were going to go to college to become doctors.”

Watters makes a very good point. For Democrats, these illegals are servants. They want them here as a voting block to keep the Democrats in power, but they also know they can use them as cheap labor. 

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