Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Hearings Unveils That FBI Had Around 20 Informants From Extremist Groups During The Run-Up To Capitol  

Credits: Alex Edelman

The Justice Department’s lawyers may possibly not inform a January 6 defendant’s lawyer if arranged eyewitnesses in the lawsuit were FBI informants. 

The disclosure of sensitive info was refused by the prosecution following the government’s disclosure that an arranged eyewitness had been an FBI informant. 

A court transcript, in possession of an American Greatness journalist, Julie Kelly, was the primary source of the disclosures. 

The accused in the case include Proud Boys National Chairman Enrique Tarrio and affiliates Dominic Pezzola, Zachary Rehl, Ethan Nordean, and Joseph Biggs. 

They are charged with reportedly taking part in subversive plots to overturn the current U.S. government. 

On Wednesday last week, the Department Of Justice stated that an eyewitness for Enrique Tarrio, also a previous FBI informer, had been serving as a confidential human source for the bureau from April 2021, till Jan. this year. 

Tarrio’s lawyer, Sabino Jauregui stated in Thursday’s trial that he questioned the Department Of Justice if his next 2 eyewitnesses were also FBI informants. 

Jauregui stated:

“You know what they told me? Nothing. They don’t know.”

However, the New York Times has recognized the female informant as Jen Loh, an ex-member of “Latinos for Trump.”

As per Thursday’s trial, the FBI’s non-public informer, Loh, was in contact with Biggs, and his lawyer, Norman Pattis, at least 20-30 times.  

According to the New York Times, Loh stated in an interview on Friday last week that she gave out “useful information” regarding the leftist activists to the FBI and after that, she informed the bureau regarding “any type of domestic terrorism — on the right or the left.”

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