Jacob Blake Has Been Released From the Hospital After 6 Weeks of Recovery

Jacob Blake has reportedly left the hospital after his altercation with police that led to him being shot multiple times. He is now in a rehabilitation center to help him with the spinal injuries that he sustained.

Blake has been the center of major discussion about police brutality recently. Many people are unhappy with the amount of times that he was shot by the police officer. It has been clear that all of this could have been avoided had Mr. Blake followed police orders without fighting the officers. The police were originally there because Jacob was to be arrested for violating his restraining order. Jacob refused arrest and had been fighting with the cops before he reached into his car which led the cops to shoot him.

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It is unclear how any police reform would fix this unfortunate situation. When society is being taught to be afraid of the police, people are going to be less likely to comply with their orders. Whether the situation of Jacob Blake is justified or not, the clear and simple answer here is it all could have been avoided had he just followed orders from the officers.

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