“It’s Time For Mitch McConnell To Go: Prominent Breitbart Editor Sounds Off On Senate Minority Leader Following “Infrastructure Hoax”

Senior Editor-at-Large and radio host, Joel B. Pollak has penned a scathing polemic directed that Mitch McConnell earlier today.

Speaking to McConnell’s extraordinary political impotence, Pollak opens by stating, pointedly, that McConnell “no longer leads his party, and proved Tuesday that he is incapable of leading the opposition to Democrats’ radical agenda for the country.”

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Pollak goes on to state that the $1.2 trillion boondoggle known as the infrastructure “deal” was anything but. It was the hollow shell of a deal that committed the dual sins of giving the Democrats everything and leaving the GOP with nothing. McConnell’s crime here was being one of the 19 GOP defectors who betrayed their party and “allowed President Joe Biden’s radical proposals to pass the Senate after clearing the filibuster.”

Of primary concern (to borrow a boring cliche) is the lack of a border wall that is included in the “deal”. Pollak states, correctly, that the “… wall is urgently needed, as hundreds of thousands of migrants continue to pour across the southern border”. The Raging Patriot has reported fairly extensively on the situation at the border and it is in absolute crisis. From migrant children testing positive for COVID, to allowing the crisis to reach the point where “the number of illegal immigrants encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection broke records, reaching 210,000 in July,”., there has been a thunderous silence from Left, in general, on this point.

Pollak adds that it was a Republican Senator from Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, who introduced a “border wall amendment” that would siphon a “drop in the bucket” fund of $1 billion on the back of the $1 trillion “deal”, which was quashed when McConnell ceded to “a process that did not allow Republicans to amend the bill at all.”

Perhaps the most egregious effect of the bill that is supposed to grow the economy is that it seems to lack any timeline for economic growth. Pollak cites an independent study that shows that there will be “…no significant impact” in “even the next 30 years”. Pollak goes on to write that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, there will be a $256 Billion to the deficit. Pollak adds pointedly that that’s “…a quarter of a trillion dollars to add to the growing inflation problem, for no real benefit.”

There is so much more here, but these are some salient points. There is such a damning case made against McConnell in the piece it begs scrutiny. Hopefully the GOP will join Mr. Pollak in the call for Mr. McConnell’s ousting.

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