“It’s Going To Backfire”: Fox Star Greg Gutfeld Tells Rino Liz Cheney She’s Going To get Trump Re-Elected, Not Jailed

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As the mid-term elections approach, the RHINOs and the Democrats are desperately trying to circle the wagons. They are trumping up lies in the January 6th Committee hearings to try and prevent Trump from even getting on the Ballot for 2024.

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The Co-chair of the January 6th Committee is Liz Cheney. Liz is prepping for her nearing demise. She is trailing the Trump-backed candidate in Wyoming by a large margin. She recently made pleas to Democrats in her state to disaffiliate.

She asked them to join the Republican Party and vote for her in the primary. The leader of the Democrats in Wyoming even thought that was funny. He told lame-duck Cheney, there aren’t enough Democrats in the state to help and there weren’t. 

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol voted Thursday to subpoena former President Donald Trump. The group’s members, seven Democrats, and two anti-Trump Republicans voted for the former President to testify about his conduct leading up to the riot.

The vote came during the Committee’s 10th and likely final public hearing before the November midterms. The televised event was meant to showcase evidence and summarize findings from the panel’s nearly 16-month-long investigation.

President Trump has previously refused to voluntarily cooperate with the panel, calling it a partisan witch hunt. Not only has the former President refused to work with the Committee, but Trump has also urged political allies and former White House staffers to do likewise.

It is an apparent last-gasp effort on behalf of the Democrats to keep Trump from running for President again in 2024. The Committee is also hoping it might persuade people from voting Republican in the upcoming mid-term elections. 

Late-night host Greg Gutfeld, pointed out the obvious. “Just 25-days before the midterms, the Jan. 6th panel votes unanimously to subpoena Trump. That’s about as surprising as the final score at a Harlem Globetrotters game, and it’s about as spontaneous as Adam Schiff’s face. Does that make sense? No.

The decision to make a last-minute switch from the scripted January 6th hearings to a “business meeting”, was odd. However, when the dust cleared, just like everything the Democrats do, they announced the decision to subpoena the former President to distract from bad news. 

“And what a coincidence, it happens the same day the inflation number comes out,” Gutfeld said. Inflation remains at the top of Americans’ minds going into the last quarter of a year of across-the-board volatility in food, gasoline, and energy prices.

Fox News contributor Brian Brenberg said the “ugly” September inflation report is going to be a problem for stock markets because it shows that inflation is continuing to be worse than expected. People are hurting financially, and the Government tries to distract people by announcing the subpoena. 

Gutfeld went on to say, “January 6th is not eating away at your retirement fund. It’s not mugging people on the subways. It’s not killing people by the tens of thousands like fentanyl, and it’s certainly not elevating possibility for nuclear war.” 

The announcement came a day after an explosive video of Democrat superstar Alexandria Ocasio Cortez getting embarrassed by her constituents. AOC was shouted down repeatedly by her voters for her sudden war-hawk stance on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. 

“Congresswoman! None of this matters unless there is a nuclear war, which you voted to send arms and weapons to Ukraine,” one protester shouted, according to a video posted on Twitter. The darling of the progressives had no response to the heckling she was receiving. 

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Is it a coincidence the actors and actresses who wit on the January 6th Committee through their last gasp effort out there? Make people pay attention to the dog and pony show while inflation and gas prices skyrocket and, the world inches closer and closer to armageddon. 

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