Infections dropping where people are vaccinated, rising where they’re not, Post analysis says

The Washington Post recently did a study that proved that states with higher vaccination rates have significantly fewer cases than states where a significant amount of residents are not vaccinated.

Another fact that was found is that those states that have a lower vaccination percentage have a higher hospitalization rate. The report is trying to track the current state of the vaccine, its effectiveness, and possible predictions for the future. A significant issue that popped up is being able to predict and monitor variants that have popped up in the COVID-19 strains. “Without the variants, basically the epidemic would be over in the U.S. The previous non-variant viruses have been dying fairly rapidly”, said Trevor Bedford, a biologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

This is another reason that many are pushing for herd immunity. Vaccines were not seriously implemented into the US until February. This is when it was widespread along with being more easily accessible. “Nationally, 43 percent of eligible Americans are fully vaccinated, and the country is averaging under 16,000 new infections a day — levels not seen since the early days of stay-at-home orders in March 2020,” the Washington Post states. One of the fears listed in this report is America reopening without herd immunity first.

The Washington Post feels as though the mass opening of entertainment venues could be detrimental in areas where many are unvaccinated. This study is important because it shows stability with the herd immunity. This works well for all people, meaning life can return to the way it was pre-COVID-19 faster. Washington Post is scared that unvaccinated people will rely on those who are vaccinated to keep the cases low; they feel as though this could spike the spread, the cases, and cause a surge.

The risk is unevenly distributed, according to the Washington Post, especially in areas where vaccines are sparse. There is still pushback from those who are refusing to get the vaccine due to many reasons, both personal and scientific, making it where there might never be true mass immunity. For now, the Washington Post will keep pushing for long-term investments to track and record how the vaccines are working for the world.



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