“I Ain’t Asking Forgiveness For Sh*t”: Country Star Trace Adkins Refuses To Apologize For Supporting Donald Trump


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While appearing on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” country singer Trace Adkins defended his freedom to support whomever he wants for president of the United States. 

Adkins was present for a segment of the show that included Maher, journalist Julia Ioffe, and former Newsweek editor-in-chief Jon Meacham. 

The host, Bill Maher, was opining on the idea that America needs to have more diversity of opinions instead of taking sides. He added that he wants to live in a country where he doesn’t have to choose sides…that has both in every place. 

While in agreement, Meacham followed up by saying that both sides need to accept the rule of law.  

“I think when you launch an attack on the Capitol. And you undermine the one thing we’ve got that enables this other experiment to go on and I’m not saying the other side’s perfect,” Meacham said.

“But I think a lot of Republicans, see if you agree with this, I think a lot of Republicans who don’t like Trump want forgiveness, but they don’t wanna repent.”

Adkins didn’t mince words in his response. The two-time “Celebrity Apprentice” guest said, “I ain’t asking forgiveness for sh*t.” The show typically has a left-leaning audience but Adkins garnered laughter and applause from the crowd. 

Maher responded to his comment by saying, “Right and you shouldn’t have to. You didn’t do anything.”

What a refreshing take! It’s an attitude that should apply to most Trump supporters, but President Joe Biden paints a different picture, calling all of the 2024 Republican frontrunner’s supporters a “threat to democracy.” 

Adkins, like many of Trump’s supporters, noted that he supports the former president for his policies. “It’s not personal–it’s policy.” 

Earlier in the show, Maher challenged the country singer by asking him who won the last election. To which Adkins replied, “Joe Biden won the last election.” 

“What did you think I was going to say?” 

Maher answered, “I don’t know.” He went on to renew his criticism of Joe Biden’s speech entitled “The Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation.” 

He said, “But, you know, I thought Joe Biden made a bit of a mistake in the speech he made a couple of weeks ago when he talked about MAGA nation because MAGA, I’ve said this for years. You can hate Trump. You can hate the people who like him or voted for him. It doesn’t mean they’re all crazy. It doesn’t mean they’re all racist, doesn’t mean they’re all bad people.” 

While most would call Bill Maher a total leftist, he’s been spouting some common sense lately and dropping truth bombs.

He’s pointed out the hypocrisy of Gen Z shaming the older generations for “forgetting to bring a cloth bag to Trader Joe’s” while idolizing people like Kylie Jenner with her private jet. 

“Kids, you’re going to have to make a choice here,” Maher said. “Do you want to be progressive or excessive? Team drastic or team plastic?”

The virtue signaling never ends with that crowd! 

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