HUGE TRUMP WIN: Trump-era DOJ antitrust lawsuit against Google moves forward, lawyers hired for ‘US vs Google’

The Antitrust Division of the DOJ is hiring antitrust attorneys to serve in its trial against Google.

In a job posting the division asks for applicants who are already employed by the DOJ. The job summary reads, “The United States Department of Justice, Antitrust Division, is seeking highly qualified attorneys to serve as Trial Attorneys in its Technology and Digital Platforms Section – United States V. Google Litigation Team based in Washington, DC. The attorneys selected can expect to be given significant responsibility and have immediate involvement with matters of national importance.”

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Last year, the DOJ filed a lawsuit against Google accusing the big tech company of engaging in anti-competitive practices to benefit monopolies. The lawsuit seeks to lessen Google’s grasp on search results and search advertising which gives dominance to certain sites.

“As the antitrust complaint filed today explains, [Google] has maintained its monopoly power through exclusionary practices that are harmful to competition,” Jeff Rosen, US deputy attorney general, told reporters on a conference call. “If the government does not enforce the antitrust laws to enable competition, we could lose the next wave of innovation. If that happens, Americans may never get to see the next Google.”

The case against Google arrives with a wave of anti-big tech lawsuits and legislation. Complaints of unconstitutional censorship and digital practices, such as algorithms, accuse big tech of controlling the public square of information. After backing a bill outlawing viewpoint discrimination, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said, “Too many social media sites silence conservative speech and ideas and trample free speech.” If the DOJ’s Antitrust Division wins the case, all tech companies will be expected to meet new standards. 

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