Huge News: Arizona’s Supreme Court Delivers Highly Anticipated Ruling On Kari Lake’s Election Case

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Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, filed two appeals in connection with her lawsuit challenging the November election results. 

On Wednesday evening, Arizona Supreme Court Justice John R. Lopez released an order denying Lake’s request to transfer her election challenge case directly to the Arizona Supreme Court. 

This was not the result Lake and her team were expecting but she remains resolved to continue her legal battle. 

According to Fox News reporting, the timeline of the matter goes as follows. “Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson ruled against Lake’s challenge after finding the court was not presented with clear and convincing evidence in the widespread misconduct, she alleged influenced the election results.”

The following Wednesday, Lake “filed an appeal with the Appeals Court on Judge Thompson’s ruling. She also filed a motion to send the appeal to the Arizona Supreme Court, asking to skip a step with the Appeals Court. Arizona’s Supreme Court denied the request to transfer the appeal.”

The Arizona Supreme Court ruling said, “no good cause appears to transfer the matter to this court” because the appeals court has already set things in motion. 

In a tweet, Lake let her supporters know where the case stands. She said, “My court case will be going before the Appeals Court prior to the Arizona Supreme Court because it’s already been scheduled for review. This decision was done without prejudice & I am confident the case will end up in their hands eventually. We’re moving forward.”

The case is scheduled on January 24th in the Court of Appeals and the defendants are required to respond to Lake’s appeal. 

The order from the Arizona Supreme Court was not a result of any ruling on the merits of the appeal. It simply states that since the case was already going to the Court of Appeals, there is no reason to go directly to the Arizona Supreme Court. 

The Court of Appeals gave Governor Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County until Wednesday, January 11th, to respond to the appeal.

After Lake’s first attempt at litigation over the election, her opponent filed a request to the court “seeking $36,990 in attorneys’ fees and expenses paid during a two-day trial, as well as sanctions against Lake. The court denied Hobbs’ request for sanctions against Lake, saying the claims presented in litigation were not groundless or brought in bad faith. But costs associated with fees of witnesses were covered, for the most part. Hobbs requested reimbursement of $5,900 for an expert who was retained and who testified during the court hearing,” Fox News reported.

“She also filed a separate request for expert witness fees in the amount of $22,451 and an additional $4,689.50 for the reimbursement of a person designated to inspect the ballots.”

Lake is fighting back not just for herself but for the people of Arizona. Her campaign tweeted, “Everyone knows the Election in Arizona was a disaster. Everyone with a conscience knows that it cannot be allowed to stand. Arizona is on a precipice. And it’s praying for a few brave judges to do the right thing and help pull us back.”

This case will set a precedent for election cases going forward and may have a profound effect on how elections are handled in our nation. 

Let’s get things on the right track before the 2024 presidential election. 

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