HUGE BOMBSHELL: Report reveals the FBI ‘engages in and sponsors 15 crimes per day’

A new report analyzing the records of newly released FBI documents finds that the agency ‘engages in and sponsors 15 crimes per day.’

In a single year, informants were permitted to engage in criminal activity at least 5,658 times. The intention of the documents is to disclose how the agency is involved with crime in its efforts to battle crime. According to an FBI spokesperson, informant criminal engagement is “situational, tightly controlled,” and abides by the policies of the Justice Department.

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Furthermore, agents are prohibited from authorizing violent crimes and serious crimes must be approved by federal prosecutors. Despite this, in 2005, the Inspector General determined that the FBI regularly broke these rules. Upon a FOIA request asking for receipts since 2006, the agency released a singular yearly record. The documents were heavily redacted.

Other agencies, including the ATF and DEA, do not record the number of illegal activities informants engage in. Lawmakers have called for these agencies to release such information. “This is all being operated clandestinely. Congress doesn’t even have the information,” said Massachusetts Representative Stephen Lynch.

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