HOW DARE SHE?! AOC Under Fire For Her Ignorant Criticism Against The Christian Super Bowl Ads, Calling It “FASCISM”

Credits: Stefani Reynolds

Democratic Rep. from New York has recently gotten bombarded after she characterized Christianity-based commercials as “fascism”. 

The ads were on air this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

The progressive congresswoman wrote on her Twitter:

“Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign.”

Her ignorant tweet attracted a lot of criticism from several Twitter users.

She got blasted by both, conservatives and liberals, for suggesting fascism and Christianity are connected.

A former football player from Auburn University, Lee Ziemba, responded to her tweet with sarcasm as he stated:

“Love your enemy equates to Fascism? You’re brilliant!”

Eric Owens, an attorney, noted that AOC actually overlooked the entire logic behind the commercials.

Owens stated:

“That’s your take from a great Super Bowl ad reminding us of the truth, universal to all religions and all wisdom, that hate is bad? Are you serious? You have jumped the shark. Presumably, an intern is writing your tweets while you wear a fancy dress to a Super Bowl ball.”

Another user asked:

“Are you a theologian now? What can you not do?”

The commercials were produced by a Christian group called “He Gets Us”. The group spent nearly $20 million on two Super Bowl commercials that indicated Jesus has empathy and love for the poor and immigrants, and Jesus also dislikes the division caused by politics.  

Fox News also reported:

“The multimillion-dollar campaign bought two ad spots on Super Bowl Sunday and divided viewers, some of whom said the ‘Jesus’ depicted in the ads was a worldly one. But Ocasio-Cortez took fault with the political bent of the ads, one of which showed scenes of protesters on the right and on the left fighting over issues like pandemic lockdowns.”

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