House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Debt Ceiling Talks: President Biden ‘Wants Default More Than He Wants a Deal’ 


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Is the U.S. about to run out of cash? 

With a looming financial crisis, President Biden wants to blame MAGA Republicans for default rather than try to reign in government spending. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, the Republican from California, talked to Maria Baritromo on her Fox News show “Sunday Morning Futures” about the debt ceiling negotiations this past weekend. 

As concerns mount over possible default, the president seems to be giving into the far-left progressives as he’s “changed the debate” amid his trip to Japan for the G-7 Summit. 

“Now, the president, even though he was overseas, thought to change places… I don’t understand that. For 97 days he ignored me. We were in a good place. He goes overseas, and now he wants to change the debate,” McCarthy told Maria Bartiromo. 

“That’s not healthy. We still have to pass a bill before the House and the Senate, and we only have 11 days to go.”

At a press conference from Hiroshima, Biden blamed who he calls MAGA Republicans. He said that negotiations have collapsed because the Republicans want to hamper his chances of being re-elected in 2024. 

“On the merits, based on what I’ve offered, I would be blameless,” Biden said. “On the politics of it, no one would be blameless. And by the way, that’s one of the, one of the things some [people] are contemplating. 

“Well, I gotta be careful here. I think there are some MAGA Republicans in the House who know the damage that it would do to the economy and because I am president, and presidents are responsible for everything, Biden would take the blame. And that’s the one way to make sure Biden’s not re-elected.”

McCarthy rejects the president’s premise. He said that the president is the one who shifted and that shift came after the far-left wing of the Democrat Party called for more government spending.

The far-left also reminded the president of the repercussions he might suffer in November 2024 if he makes a deal with House Republicans.

“The president has really shifted right after the more progressive socialist wing of the party stood up and says they want to spend more money,” McCarthy said.

“He’s now bringing something to the table that everyone said was off the table. It seems as though he wants default more than he wants a deal. That’s not where I’m at, and the one thing you know… about me, Maria, I will never give up.”

“We can solve this problem and make our economy stronger,” he continued. “Curve inflation and be less dependent on China and really focus on American problems with American solutions.”

Some Democrats want the president to use Section 4 of the 14th Amendment to bypass negotiations with congressional Republicans.

Some constitutional law experts are skeptical of the president making such a move to raise the debt ceiling.

“We have more money coming into the coffers than at any time in history,” McCarthy said. “The real challenge is our spending. Our spending, on average for the last 50 years has been about 21%. Well, in FY 22, after the Democrats have taken over, we’re roughly over 24% of GDP, so it’s a sheer spending problem.”

For the sake of ‘we the people,’ McCarthy needs to hold the line and get government spending under control.

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