House Democrats Take Aim At Hyde Amendment, Media Silent

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Conservatives in the Senate may still have the filibuster at their disposal to block insane legislation that Democrats are trying to push, but it doesn’t stop the Democrats in the House from trying to do what they can to destroy anything and everything they deem to be in their way.

Just days ago, every last member of the House majority voted to eliminate the Hyde Amendment. If that doesn’t sound familiar to you, it is the amendment that has been a part of every appropriations bill to fund Medicaid for the past 44 years from 1976 until the last appropriations bill in 2022. It’s significance: it essentially prevents abortions from being taxpayer funded.

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In essence, the Democrats have paved the way for tax dollars to fund abortions in the US.

And, if the push by the House wasn’t bad enough, they also voted to remove the Helm Amendment from the State Department’s appropriation bill. That is the Amendment that has been in place since 1973 that prevented US tax dollars from funding abortions internationally.

A poll conducted in January of this year shows that 77% of Americans do not support tax payer funded abortion. That poll also showed that a majority of Democrats (55%) are not in favor of the dismantling of the Hyde and Helms amendments.

Members of the House Democrats applauded the vote, calling it a victory for women and a blow to the racism inherent in Hyde.

Fortunately, there are others who are willing to call this vote what it is, tax payer funded murder.

And, just in case the removal of these two protective amendments isn’t bad enough, these bills also removed the Weldon Amendment. This key piece of protection allowed healthcare providers to abstain from participating in procedures, such as abortion, that violate their core beliefs and convictions.

Should these bills pass the Senate as is, and make it to the President’s desk for signature, they would provide abortion on demand on the backs of American’s tax dollars as well as potentially holding doctors and nurses liable of they refuse to perform an abortion on religious or moral grounds.

To make matters worse, there is virtually no coverage of these votes in the mainstream media.

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