Historian and University Professor Victor Davis Hanson Reveals He Doesn’t Know Where Fox News Would Get “That Person” to Replace Tucker Carlson 

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Victor Davis Hanson, a fellow at the Hoover Institute, appeared on The Telegraph’s “Off the Script” over the weekend and discussed Fox News’ decision to “part ways” with their primetime host Tucker Carlson. 

Hanson said that the network disappointed its audience and gave leftists a victory after lawmakers like AOC and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer called for the censorship or removal of Carlson. 

He said that it left a vacuum for the more than 3.5 million viewers who tuned into the Fox News 8 o’clock hour to watch “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

He also noted that modern media is changing and allows for people like other former Fox News hosts Dan Bongino, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O’Reilly to draw in large audiences without the backing of corporate media. 

Why are people like the former Fox News personalities and people like Ben Shapiro able to attract so many conservatives to their podcasts or streaming shows? 

The answer is people are looking for conservative voices who will push boundaries. 

“They needed Tucker Carlson to appeal to the new Republican Party,” he said. “So, what do I mean by that? He was talking about the absurdity of woke, and I don’t know how you can find somebody like that: Who has the ability to articulate those positions but is not crazy.”

“Tucker came from one of the wealthiest families in California. He was an aristocrat. He went to prep school.

“So for him to come up like that as an aristocrat to become a populist; yet, know how the aristocratic mind works is very unusual.

“Tucker was able to stop the hemorrhaging from One America News or from Newsmax or all of the right rivals,” Hanson said referring to what happened after Fox News called Arizona for Biden in 2020.

“So, I don’t know where they get that person, and I think that in the immediate week, it shows.”

He characterized Carlson as “responsible and learned but still can appeal on the same topics” that appeal to the anti-mainstream media crowd.

“All of these people are telling them you’re vulnerable: ‘There’s nobody bigger than the Murdochs and News Corp., if you go on the news and you say things and it puts us in legal jeopardy, or you talk about us personally, we’re going to fire you — and we fired the unfireable Tucker Carlson, and if you think you’re better than Tucker Carlson, try it,'” Hanson said.

“So that’s the message, I think.”

“The Murdochs are not quite understanding that when you take away somebody who had a greater potential elsewhere and was a precious asset that anchored your whole evening lineup and you fired him in a fit of pique, or anger without thinking it through, you’ve got to be very careful, because you’re not going to be able to replace a guy like that,” Hanson said.

Carlson addressed his audience last Wednesday night in what was his usual 8 pm slot in a video that has had 79 million views on Twitter.

Fox News may not be able to replace Tucker, but Tucker will be just fine without the Fox News network behind him.

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