HILARIOUS! Biden Confesses That Every Time He Hears the Words “President Of The United States”, He Wonders “Where the Hell Is He?”

In another hilarious goof by our heinous president, we find more reasons to laugh out loud- even if it’s only to keep the tears in check.

President Joe Biden hosted the National Governors Association Winter Meeting in the East Room of the White House Friday, and he- yet again- spoke without the authorization of his puppet masters in a rather embarrassing moment.

“Every time I hear ‘the President of the United States,’ I look around and say, ‘Where the hell is he?’” Biden said. The line apparently failed, as very few in the room laughed and some looked confused or concerned.

We all do it. Whenever someone says President Biden we all get that ghastly look on our faces like someone is playing some lame joke on us.

So we laugh. It’s necessary to keep ourselves from crying hate-filled tears.

Actually, it’s not that funny, and although he’s made awkwardly similar jests in the past, it points to a larger problem: many don’t believe the President is really in charge—including seemingly himself.

This is due to his frequent mangling of the English language, jokes like these which imply he doesn’t even really feel like he’s the Commander in Chief, and the widespread belief that his handlers, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Jill Biden are actually running the country.

That conclusion is only strengthened when Biden admits he wanted to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon on a Wednesday but was instructed to postpone by the Pentagon, who finally blasted it out of the sky a few days later. Similarly, he’s frequently talked about not being “allowed” to do something, and his advisors won’t “let him” answer any more reporters’ questions.

Sure, he may just be misplacing blame so as to not make himself look like the bad guy, but it’s too late for that.

Also, note that Biden implies that the president is sure to be a male. “Where is he?” he asks. If it’s not Biden himself, then it could be anyone—including a woman.

The RedState outlet hilariously reported it this way:

“You can bet the outcry will be negligible, but just think if Trump had said that when president; there would have been demonstrations outside the White House within minutes. Misogynist!

“Deservingly, Biden took a pounding on Twitter, with a Washington Examiner columnist replying “Me too, Joe.”  Another tweeter posted “Biden’s most frequently asked question is ‘where the hell am I’.” And the answer is:

“He’s at Mar Lago.”

Credits: Wikipedia, Andrew Harnik

I don’t care who you are or what side of the aisle you fall on, that’s hilarious.

Headlines and jokes of this manner may appear somewhat silly and maybe even unfair, but the worries remain.

It’s no laughing matter when the American public does not know who is running the White House.

It’s no laughing matter when President Biden’s handlers can’t trust him with simple daily activities.

With any luck, the new Republican-controlled House will slow down our President’s antics and return some semblance of hope to America.

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