HEY NANCY…YOU’RE FIRED! Nancy Pelosi Gets Bad news From Lauren Boebert, “Waiting This Long For Election Results Is Going To Make Firing Nancy Pelosi As Speaker of The House That Much Sweeter”


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It’s hard to believe, but here we are… It’s eight days after the midterm elections and votes are still being counted in some states. 

Republicans in the House of Representatives crossed the threshold yesterday to secure a majority but there are still races that have not been called. 

Lauren Boebert’s race is one of them. The Republican from Colorado’s 3rd congressional district is in a tight race with Democrat Adam Frisch. Her lead is 1,122 votes with 95% of the votes counted. 

Her opponent is not counting himself out. “We’re still in this fight. Just in a holding pattern. As ballots continue to be counted, we continue to feel proud of where we stand and what we’ve accomplished,” Frisch said.

Voters have until Wednesday to have their votes cured. This is the process by which voters have the opportunity to fix a ballot that was originally rejected. 

Ballots are rejected when there is some type of problem like a missing or mismatched signature. 

According to The Washington Examiner, “The process of curing a ballot involves voters taking their ballot that was initially rejected due to problems that include, as noted by Newsweek, a missing signature or signature discrepancy and then matching a signature on file or providing identification in some cases.”

Wait, isn’t asking for ID racist? Maybe not in Colorado.  

While it’s pretty embarrassing that it’s taking so long to count votes, Boebert is keeping her sense of humor. 

The congresswoman took to Twitter to share her thoughts. She tweeted, “Waiting this long for election results is going to make firing Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House that much sweeter.”

Nancy was sent packing with yesterday’s results. Now we wait to see how much of a majority the Republicans will have in the House. 

Colorado law requires a recount if the gap between the two top candidates is 0.5% or less. If Boebert can’t pull ahead by a bigger margin, there will be a recount, dragging this out even longer. 

December 13th will be the final day to complete a mandatory recount according to the Secretary of State for Colorado. December 15th is the deadline for a requested recount. 

Having these races go on for so long has turned election day into election week, and in some cases, election month. 

How is it that other states manage to count the votes in a matter of hours? Are other countries laughing at us? 

In his speech announcing his candidacy for president, former President Trump said one of his first priorities will be to fix the voting system and ensure election integrity. 

He said, “To eliminate cheating, I will immediately demand voter ID, same-day voting, and only paper ballots.”

It sounds like a good start. Delays like this only make the American people less confident in the system. 

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