‘HE’S SO FAR GONE’: Joe Rogan Goes Scorched Earth On Joe Biden, Describes Him As “F*cking Dangerous” & “Deteriorating”

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Insanely popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, has been more than a thorn in the side of leftists for sometime. It hit a fevered pitch when he dared to question the mainstream narrative concerning COVID vaccines. Irony of ironies is that Rogan is (or at least was) a card carrying democrat and by his own admission has never voted Republican in his life. Now, he is turning his eye (and his microphone) to President Joe Biden.

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It is now being reported that:

Hollywood comedian Joe Rogan said having President Joe Biden in office is “f*cking dangerous” after Biden went off script and made comments about defending Taiwan against China and confirming our “solidarity against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

Rogan spoke to independent political commentator Dave Smith on Spotify’s “The Joe Rogan Experience” Wednesday about how Biden is “deteriorating.”

The two talked about Biden saying “insane things” when Smith said about Biden’s Taiwan comments that were walked back, “the White House issued a statement that their policy has not changed. Who’s the White House?”

Rogan said:

“That’s why having a guy like him in office is f*cking dangerous.

“But that’s legitimately dangerous, man.

“‘Like I’d vote for Trump before I’d vote for Biden.

“And the reason being is like you knew this. 

“You knew he was deteriorating. 

“Forget about his policies when he was lucid. 

“I mean he was lucid during the Obama administration.

“You barely heard from him.

“See, regardless of what you think about his policies, like as a human, that’s in a position of extreme stress and power. That’s nuts … that’s insane. 

“He’s so far gone.”

Rogan then compared Kamala Harris to the “girlfriend” of  “really good comics” who also “does comedy too, but she bombs every time.”

“They trot her out every now and then, they’re like ‘give her one more chance. 

“Let her talk. Let her talk,.’

“And it’s always chaos.

“It’s like now she’s so triggered burnt.

 “You could tell that she’s almost like shell-shocked. 

“Yes, she’s much worse,” he said.

It was further reported by The New York Post that:

The Spotify podcaster castigated the president and his aides for refusing to acknowledge that the US is in the midst of a recession after two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth — the traditional definition of a recession.

Rogan, the host of the wildly popular “The Joe Rogan Experience,” also took umbrage at Wikipedia after the online service prevented users from editing its “recession” page.

During the podcast, which included guest Chris Williamson of YouTube, Rogan mentioned how “the government is trying to not call it a recession.” 

He said the Biden administration was “literally changing the definition [of a recession], which is terrible and it should be pushed back against in a big way.”

“It should be something that people get angry about, like, ‘Hey, you’re f–king with definitions in order to pretend that you’re doing a good job,’” Rogan said.

So, Joe Rogan has been making waves about the Left and the Democrats that represent them. In fact, we reported Rogan went off on popular Democrat Stacey Abrams after she claimed that the fetal heartbeat you hear on an ultrasound at six weeks is not a heartbeat.  “When you have people like Stacey Abrams saying that a fetal heartbeat is an illusion,” Rogan said. “It’s established biology [that it is real],” he continued. “This is wild, ideological, crazy, cult talk.”

We also reported last month that Rogan taunted Kamala Harris by putting her visage on a promotional poster for one of Rogan’s tours. In the poster, Harris is a police officer arresting Rogan for smoking marijuana.

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