Governor Ron DeSantis Makes Big Announcement On Sending More Migrants To Democrat Cities, “The Immigration relocation program remains active”

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The subject of illegal immigration has been on the table as a discussion for some time. We have seen Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his strategy of bussing illegal migrants to Democratic cities like Chicago. Indeed, we have also seen venerated Florida governor, Ron DeSantis employ a similar strategy. He recently generated a lot of press for bussing migrants to Martha’s Vineyard. Well, it seems that there is now an update to this ongoing saga.

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It is now being reported by the New York Post that:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis plans to resume sending migrants to Democratic strongholds once the Sunshine State finishes dealing with the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian, his spokeswoman said.

Two charter flights — to Delaware and Illinois — were scheduled to take place before Oct. 3, according to documents made public on Friday.

But they were postponed after Ian struck late last month, DeSantis communications director Taryn Fenske told The Associated Press.

“While Florida has had all hands on deck responding to our catastrophic hurricane, the immigration relocation program remains active,” Fenske wrote in an email Saturday.

DeSantis outraged Democrats when he flew about 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, without warning on Sept. 14.

The island is a popular summer vacation spot for left-leaning celebrities and top Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, who bought an $11.75 million estate on the Edgartown Great Pond in 2019.

Earlier this year, the Florida Legislature authorized $12 million in spending to relocate people who entered the country illegally from Florida to other locations.

Although the flights to Martha’s Vineyard originated in Texas, they stopped in Florida en route.

The records released by the Florida Department of Transportation showed that DeSantis’ paid Vertol Systems Co. of Destin, Fla., $950,000 to arrange the follow-up flights.

CNBC went on to report that:

President Joe Biden, standing side by side with Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, promised the federal government would be there for the state as it rebuilds from Hurricane Ian and steels itself against future storms.

Carolyn Kaster/AP

“There’s a lot going on and I think the one thing this has finally ended is the question of whether or not there’s climate change and we should do something about it,” Biden said during remarks in Fort Myers, adding the people of Florida have been in his and first lady Jill Biden’s prayers.

“We’re not leaving. We’re not leaving until this gets done. I promise you that,” the president said.

Prior to the speech, Biden surveyed areas ravaged by the storm, was briefed by officials on the ground and met with locals and small business owners affected by the hurricane.

Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida as a Category 4 storm a week ago, before moving up the eastern U.S. coast. The storm has reportedly killed more than 80 people, though that number is expected to rise as floodwaters recede and rescue teams access new areas.

Both Biden and DeSantis said they have seen strong collaboration between different levels of government in response to the storm.

CNBC further reported that:

“I think he’s done a good job,” Biden said when asked about DeSantis’s response to the storm.

Speaking before Biden, DeSantis said, “We are cutting through bureaucracy, we are cutting through red tape,” in order to respond to the storm.

The president and governor stood side by side after DeSantis for months played political foil to Biden. The Republican is considered a top 2024 Republican presidential contender.

Ahead of Biden’s visit to Florida, the White House said a natural disaster is not the time to play politics. Biden and his administration have been in contact with DeSantis throughout the storm and vowed to send whatever aid the state needed.

So, the debate regarding illegal migrants and what exactly to do about them rages on. We actually reported back in September that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been caught bussing migrants to a Chicago suburb without telling the local mayor.

Lightfoot had previously slammed Texas Governor Greg Abbott for doing the exact same thing—sending migrants north without coordinating with her highness. However, it seems that Lightfoot is more than happy to do the same thing herself. Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso told WGN that he was not informed about the migrants being brought to his town. We pointed out the self-evident fact that it is clear that Lightfoot only cares about migrants when it suits her politically. She is happy to use them as pawns in her games, but she doesn’t actually care about their welfare.

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