GOP Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan Has Had Enough; Issues Warrant For 52 Democrats Who Interfered In Texas Legislative Process

The noise of the drama circling around the 52 Democrats who absconded to DC for the specific purpose of breaking quorum just reached a fevered pitch as House Speaker Dade Phelan has now issued arrest warrants for the lawmakers who have broke quorum for an incredible third time in order to stop the house from passing voter integrity legislation.

According to TrendingPolitics.com, “Phelan moved forward with the warrants after the Texas House voted 80-12 to have the errant Democratic members arrested. It was the second time that a similar vote was taken during the Democrats’ ongoing efforts to deny majority Republicans a quorum.”

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As The Daily Mail goes on to report,” The decision was approved after the Texas House voted 80-12 to move forward with the arrests for absent members, which enabled Phelan to issue the warrants. It’s the second time that such a vote has been taking during ongoing quorum-bust. Democrats were hoping that their flit would deny the state house the minimum number of lawmakers required to conduct official business — by fleeing the state to stop Republicans’ agenda to potentially ban drive-thru and 24-hour voting, among other sweeping restrictions. The warrants, first reported by the Dallas Morning News, will be delivered to the House Sergeant-at-arms ‘for service’ on Wednesday morning, according to Marquez. They were signed after Democrats failed to show up during the fifth day of the House’s second special session, leaving the chamber eight members short of a quorum. 

Fellow contributing columnist, Mitch McKinely,recently tweeted, “You have 51 delinquent Democrats. It’s time to start some impeachment articles for willful neglect of duty, in accordance with Texas Government Code Title 6. Subtitle B. Chapter 665. Subchapter A. Section 052.” There is indeed legal standing for Phelan to move forward.

It’s these sorts of political games that the Democrats play that speaks not only to their principles, but also to their priorities. It actually seems a good thing these Democrats have no principles because one could imagine what kind of sordid principles they would have if they did. While many Democrats may claim with their trademark victim-hood rhetoric that this is character assassination, it would seem these lawmaker’s character committed suicide a long time ago.

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