“GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Demands Answers From Alejandro Mayorkas About The DHS ‘Concierge Service’ App For Illegal Aliens Looking To Enter The U.S.”

Fox News

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At issue here is the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) One app. 

It’s an app, released in 2020, that works as a portal to CBP services. The purpose of the app was to give migrants at the southern border a way to schedule appointments at ports of entry into the U.S. 

Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri describes it as a “concierge service” for illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. 

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Hawley grilled Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the Department of Homeland Security about the app and the southern border. 

Back in January, Sec. Mayorkas described the CBP One app. 

“The CBP One app is an innovative solution we are using to facilitate the safe and orderly arrival of noncitizens who believe they meet certain vulnerability criteria and are requesting a humanitarian exception to the CDC’s Title 42 Order,” Mayorkas said.

“When Title 42 eventually lifts, this new feature will join one of the many tools and processes this Administration is providing for individuals to seek protection in a safe, orderly, and humane manner and to strengthen the security of our borders.”

During the Senate hearing, Senators called Sec. Mayorkas to account.

“I’m going to quote from your own fact sheet,” Hawley began.

“It allows, and I quote, ‘non-citizens without appropriate documents for admission to schedule an appointment to come to the border.’ They can now go on their phone and schedule a time to come to the border and then be admitted, and you identified seven separate border points of entry where they could come,” the senator explained.

“It’s like a concierge service for illegal immigrants. … You didn’t think the Border crisis was bad enough that now we’re going to have an app that allows illegals to schedule their appointments and come and be admitted to this country?” the senator asked.

“There is a process for individuals who claim an exception to the Title 42 expulsion authority because of an acute medical condition — an urgent humanitarian reason,” Mayorkas explained.

“So, instead of them coming in between the ports of entry to claim that urgent medical condition, that extraordinarily acute humanitarian cause,” the secretary continued, “we allow a limited number to arrive at our ports of entry and seek the emergency relief that they need.”

The updated app allows migrants to take a photo and submit their information through the app while scheduling an appointment to meet with a CBP official.

Hawley called it “Ticketmaster for illegal immigrants.” Why this strategy over “building a wall?”

Following the hearing, Hawley penned a letter to Mayorkas. Fox News Digital obtained the letter which in part read, “Under your leadership, the Department is marketing a new phone app, called CBP One, that allows unauthorized migrants to reserve a time to cross the border, like making a restaurant reservation. How convenient.”

Hawley also pointed out that Mayorkas failed to mention that the app is meant to speed up asylum claims but the app doesn’t question users about asylum.

They do not have to answer questions or sit through an interview to discuss why they are seeking admittance. They are just released into the country on official parole.

The senator pointed out another misleading statement from Mayorkas. He claimed that the app was available to a limited number of people, but also claimed that “tens of thousands” of migrants have used it “to schedule their border crossing.”

Hawley said he can imagine that many American citizens would love to receive “this level of service from their government.”

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