GOP Reps. MTG and Mary Miller Sent A Letter Demanding the FBI To Probe The Nashville Shooting And Treat It As A Domestic Terror Attack 

Credits: WCIA

A GOP duo, steered by Georgian Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, has written a letter to the FBI in which they demanded the intelligence agency probe into the shooting incident that occurred in Nashville on Monday. 

The letter, written by GOP Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia and Mary Miller from Illinois were sent to FBI Director Christopher Wray this Tuesday. 

Miller issued a statement in which she stated that the shooter, who was a former student of the school, was influenced by the “manifesto” of targeting Christians at the school.  

Before sending the letter, Miller informed the Caller:

“The FBI must treat the horrific attack in Nashville as a domestic terrorist attack based on the attacker’s transgender political ‘manifesto’ and intentional targeting of Christians. FBI Director Wray testified to Congress that the gravest threat to our nation is posed by ‘lone domestic violent extremists radicalized by personalized grievances,’ and the FBI cannot ignore their own guidance on this type of attack just because the Biden Administration supports the transgender political agenda.”

The Nashville shooting incident has been covered by every single news channel since it happened, however, the reason for this is the queries that are rising about the shooter’s trans identity and the writings reflecting disappointments over their Christian upbringing. 

Greene and Miller also highlighted the efforts by the national Antifa groups to initiate a “Trans Day of Vengeance” might have played a vital part in stimulating violence against those individuals who opposed transgenderism because of their religious views. 

“Mary Miller and I are co-leading a letter to Christopher Wray at the FBI with questions that we have about the female identifying as a man, trans, shooter at the Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee. And we have very specific questions. One of the things we want to know is, is this a hate crime? Was it toward the school — targeted because it was a Christian school? Another thing that I think is very important to ask questions on is, was this incident, the shooting, related to the ‘Plan Trans Day of Vengeance’ that was planned, or is planned for April 1 at the Supreme Court here in Washington, DC. It’s been promoted on the internet by an Antifa group here in Washington, DC. And we want to know if these two incidences are linked.”

However, The FBI did not give response to the letter.

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