Good News For Oregon High School Students, Graduation Is Now Easier Than Expected

YouTube Screenshot, Courtesy Governor Kate Brown

With no fanfare and almost no media coverage, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed Bill 744. It received so little coverage that many outlets are just not covering the story of a bill that was signed by the Governor on July 14, 2021.

The language of the bill removes any requirement that a high school student be able to exhibit the minimum skills necessary in reading and math.

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This story received so little coverage because the Governor’s office did not have a signing ceremony and did not issue a press release.

Could that possibly be due to fact that this new law is just plain asinine?

For the next three years, and possibly extended for two more, Oregon high school students do not have to prove any level of proficiency to walk the stage, get a diploma and move on with their life goals.

The reason for this bill: proficiency exams make it hard on students who do not test well, specifically, students of color.

According to the New York Post:

“Charles Boyle, the deputy communications director from Brown’s office, told the paper in an email that staff from the governor’s office informed legislative staffers about the bill’s signing on the day it was passed. He also said that the new standards for graduation will help benefit the state’s “Black, Latino, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color.”

At least they aren’t trying to sugar-coat their ideology.

The Raging Patriot spoke to Alek Skarlatos, who narrowly missed being elected to the US House of Representatives out of Oregon on the 2020 election, and is running again in 2022. You may not know his name outside of Oregon, but if you have ever seen the movie 15:17 To Paris, you know part of his story. Alek and several of his friends were instrumental in stopping a terrorist attack on a train in France.

Skarlatos, speaking about Governor Brown’s dismantling of the graduation requirements, said:

“I’d say that this lowers the standard to zero, as if our standards weren’t low enough already.”

It is hard to argue Alek’s thoughts on this one.

Are you in Oregon? How do you feel about this law being passed? Comment below.

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