Go Woke, Go Broke: Fox News Star Greg Gutfeld Destroys Actor Billy Eichner, “If You Want People To Come See Your Movies Don’t Call Them Losers, Billy. I Guess You Found Out The Feeling Is Mutual”

Fox News

Disclaimer:  This article may contain the personal views and opinions of the author. 

Greg Gutfeld is never afraid to tell it like it is. The new late-night king, averaging 2.9 million viewers for August, dropped a truth bomb on Billy Eichner. 

Eichner released a gay romantic comedy that had a less-than-stellar opening. The movie bombed at the box office and the lead star and co-writer had a lot of blame to toss around. 

Eichner complained that straight people “just didn’t show up” to the movie though it has “good reviews and a great score on Rotten Tomatoes.”

Gutfeld was there to give him a few lessons. 

“One, if you promote a film that’s identity specific, you’re going to exclude as much you pretend to include. You’re telling the audience that this is for others, but maybe not you,” the host said

When you create a movie that only pertains to a small portion of the potential audience, what can you expect? 

“It’s true whether you do a gay flick or a documentary on switchblades. After you spend years demeaning instead of growing audiences, you blame everyone but yourself when no one shows up. That’s the long-term effects of identity politics on your personality. 

“Nothing is ever your fault. You are a perennial victim.”

“It’s actually the only thing that identity politics actually creates.”

“It’s not audiences, it’s victims. But also Billy got tricked by Hollywood’s phony virtue signaling to actually think that his audience would be larger than it is. So it’s no wonder the theaters were emptier than a room where they’re trying to surprise Kamala on her birthday.” 

Eichner called people racist, sexist, and homophobic for not seeing the movie, ‘Bros.’ The film’s $4.8 million box office draw was 50% of what Universal Studios was anticipating on its opening weekend. 

With a $22 million budget, it’s unlikely the movie will turn a profit. In a Twitter post, Eichner said that “Everyone who ISN’T a homophobic weirdo should go see BROS tonight!”

Eichner has a history of belittling anyone with whom he disagrees. His tweets include language calling Trump supporters “willfully ignorant, deeply unhappy & racist.” 

He tweeted out and then deleted that he wanted “Trump and all MAGA lunatics to burn in Hell.”

So, when you continuously hammer away at how much you hate half the country, what do you think will happen when you want them to see your movie? 

Gutfeld went on to say, “Billy, if you want people to come see your movies, don’t call them losers. Why not get to know the greater audience instead of browbeating them.”

“But remember this is the guy that said “f Trump, f his whole family, f anyone that chose to work with them and f every single Trump voter. 

“And guess what? I’m still with her, you misogynist American dummies.”

“I guess, Billy, you found out the feeling is mutual,” he said.

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