Former Trump Lawyer Jenna Ellis Staunchly Calls On GOP To Proceed With Impeachment Proceedings For President Biden

Just this week, it was reported that Jenna Ellis, former legal advisor for Donald Trump in 2020, has joins the ever-increasing cadre of people calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden over his dismal handing of the U.S.-Mexico border crisis.

According to TrendingPolitics, “In comments to Newsmax TV on Saturday, Ellis pointed to Biden’s border policies, which including allowing tens of thousands of migrants into the country illegally, including many testing positive for COVID, while ignoring a Supreme Court order barring eviction moratoriums as reasons why Republicans should begin talking about impeachment even though they are currently in the minority in Congress. Biden’s immigration policies are particularly egregious, Ellis said”. This handling of the border crisis has also called for the removal to the “border czar”, Vice-President Kamala Harris for her lack of interest in putting a reasonable plan in place to solve this crisis.

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As reported by Newsweek, “Ellis criticized reported plans for migrants who cross into the U.S. to be offered COVID vaccinations as they await processing by Customs and Border Protection. Such plans were reported by The Washington Post, which cited two unnamed DHS officials”.

Additionally, Ellis criticized the hotly controversial topic of the eviction moratorium, of which “The Raging Patriot” has reported extensively. According to YahooNews, the moratorium,”… which came last week despite the Supreme Court signaling in June that an earlier moratorium expiring at the end of last month could only be extended by Congress. The Justice Department argued in federal court the new, more limited moratorium is meant to protect U.S. citizens from going homeless as the delta variant of COVID-19 rages across the country.”

The call for Biden’s impeachment is growing ever louder and it seems that, at this point, the impeachment can come for any number of reasons. These can be either the handling of the border crisis, the “almost criminal” refusal to accept Cuban refugees, or the “Orwellian” COVID mandates that this administration is insisting on. Biden seems to be engaging in a pick-your-poison approach to his political death.

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