Former Republican Candidate Carly Fiorina is Still Voting for Joe Biden

Carly Fiorina, who ran against President Trump in 2016, has come out in support of the democratic nominee Joe Biden in 2020. Carly Fiorina believes that Joe Biden is a leader while President Trump is not, which is why she chooses to vote for Biden this time around.

 Carly said about Biden, “And so while I don’t agree with everything Joe Biden believes, I don’t agree with all the policies of his party, I have been a Republican for all my life, I think Joe Biden is a stronger leader because he has demonstrated humility, empathy, the willingness to collaborate with others and the character that I think matters in a leader.”

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Still Mad About 2016

Is Carly Fiorina a RINO? Well it appears that this just might be the case this time around. Any true conservative wouldn’t vote for a Biden/Harris ticket because they are going to be putting in left wing judges. It simply doesn’t make sense to hate Donald Trump so much that you will vote for the party that doesn’t agree with your values at all. Carly Fiorina was washed out of the republican party in 2016 and is just trying to make noise so that some people will like her again. This isn’t surprising news to anyone other than the people who pretend like this is bad for Trump.

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