Former President Donald Trump Speculates That If He Loses In 2024 Presidential Elections The U.S. Will Be “Doomed”  

Credits: Evan Vucci

The former U.S. President speculated that the future for America is “doomed” if the upcoming 2024 presidential elections are not secured by him, which he also called the “final battle” for the sake of the nation’s future. 

Trump argued: 

“We have to stop them from cheating on elections. Because if we don’t win this next election—2024—I truly believe our country is doomed.”

Trump professed that America has now become a “banana republic,” though, he brings hope to his supporters that he will be elected as the United States President once again. 

He stated: 

“You go back to Communist China or look at a third-world banana republic. That’s what we’ve become between our borders, our elections, and the weaponization of law enforcement. Banana republic. That’s what we have become.”

He added: 

“Let there be no doubt the injustices being done — not only to me but to dozens across our country — will not stand and we’re not going to stand for it.”

He continued: 

“When this election is over, I will be the president of the United States. You will be vindicated and proud and the thugs and criminals who are corrupting our justice system will be defeated, discredited, and totally disgraced. That’s what’s happening. That’s what’s happening. From the beginning, it’s been one witch hunt and phony investigation after another.”

While criticizing the leftists, Trump explained: 

“And you know, because of it our country never talks about greatness anymore. You look at what China does. They go all over the world. They spend money. They take over governments. They do a lot of things, and we’re always looking — we got crazy people like Schiff, Shifty Schiff. And Hillary and all of these people, these people. They don’t want to talk about greatness for our country. All they want to do is investigate everybody, but they are the ones that should really be under investigation.”

The former President also proposed a challenge to the “deep state” authorities who were against his presidency. 

He stated: 

“Either the deep state destroys America or we destroy the deep state.” 

Currently. Trump is fronting Special Counsel investigations, along with a possible arrest from Manhattan D.A.’s office, which the GOP members call “election interference.” 

During his Saturday rally, he grilled Stormy Daniels, whose so-called “hush money payment” is currently the center of focus of the grand jury investigation.

In reference to Daniels, Trump stated “I never liked ‘horse face,’” however, while referring to his wife, he stated, “We have a great first lady.”

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