Former President Donald Trump Announces His Primary Concern If Re-Elected to the Presidency “First of all, the wall…”

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Donald Trump disclosed that if he stands for president again and is elected, his first executive action would be to commence building of the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Trump stated that constructing the wall was necessary because it sent a message of strength to foreign leaders such as China’s Xi Jinping.

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Trump made the remark in reference to Xi. First and foremost, the wall sends a very powerful message, even to China’s leadership.

“You know why? Because when he sees millions of people pouring into our country, he loses respect for our country.” said the former President on Fox news.

“When him and Putin and Kim Jong Un and Iran’s leaders, when they’re watching millions of people walk into our country, They lose respect,” he said.

“It’s so easy. You close it up, you got to close it up. And that would send a big signal, a really big signal,” he added. 

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“And then you’ve got to get their respect again. How do you do that? You do that by making sure that they know that this country is here and it’s here to stay and we’re not going to take any nonsense.” he remarked.

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration, there have been a record number of migrant interactions along the US-Mexico border.

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich recently issued a warning about the border situation between the United States and Mexico. Brnovich attacked Joe Biden’s failing immigration ideas in an interview on Fox News.

“Every time you think, we’ve hit rock bottom, something else happens,” Brnovich said.

“There’s a record amount of people flooding into this country this year. Just last week, our office was involved in a record amount of fentanyl seized. Americans are dying. Our cities are more dangerous as a result of the failed Biden administration’s policies.” Brnovich added.

Cartels have taken operational control of the southern border, according to Brnovich, who added that Arizona has confiscated more than 6 million fentanyl tablets in the last week alone, implying that a speedy remedy is required.

One thought on “Former President Donald Trump Announces His Primary Concern If Re-Elected to the Presidency “First of all, the wall…”

  1. Biden is a murderer since day 1 killing people with the Afganistan mess. He still is. And how do people want this man to run for reelection? WW3 is going to start on his watch.

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