Following The Nashville Shooting Incident, “The View” Host Whoopi Goldberg Wears A Shirt That Had Anti-Christian Words On It 

Credits: ABC

Whoopi Goldberg, best known for her controversial statements and the hosting of ABC talk show “The View,” has infuriated many Christians with her unpleasant message following the incident at Nashville Christian school, in which three children and three teachers got killed.  

On the very next day of the Nashville shooting, Goldberg was seen in a shirt that had the statement “thoughts and prayers” crossed out, and below that “Policy and Change” were written.

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Criticizing Christian prayers on the very next day after that Nashville Christian school attack, in which several children and staffers lost their lives, is shameful and disgraceful even for her. 

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the Republican co-host on the show, stated that she acknowledges what Democratic Senator Chris Murphy stated regarding gun reform. 

She explained: 

“He said, ‘OK, if we can’t move an assault weapons ban, I would be willing to say why don’t we put in place training, background checks, mental health screenings to be able to have one.’ Why are we compromising?” 

She added: 

“I don’t mean to be rude to you, to cut you off. I am tired of trying to find a way to justify you being able to keep 75 guns in your house.” 

She argued that “we need to know” who are these individuals who possess more than one weapon as they are now getting “painted with the same swab as the people who are killing people left and right with legal guns.”

Griffin claimed: 

“We will be talking about this issue forever if we start from a place of, ‘We have to get all guns off the street.’” 

Goldberg replied: 

“No, it’s not got all guns off the street. I don’t have a tank. I can’t go buy a tank. I don’t say, ‘Give up all your guns.’ I don’t know why you have to have 5,011 of them, but maybe you do. But I want to know that you’ve got them. Because I want to be sure that I know what’s going on in my periphery.”

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