Flashback to the Kavanaugh Hearings: Senator Hirono Asks Amy Coney Barrett About Sexual Assault

On the second day of confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States, Senator Mazie Hirono, a democrat from Hawaii, asked Judge Barrett if she’s ever committed sexual assault. In addition to asking about sexual assault she asked if she’s ever been accused of sexual favors or sexual misconduct.

Senator Hirono said that it was her “duty to ensure the fitness of nominees” because they have lifetime appointments and the judiciary “is not immune” from problems involving sexual corruption or wrongdoing.

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The Senator asked the Judge, “Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors, or committed any physical or verbal harassment or assault of a sexual nature?”

Judge Barrett responded, “No, Senator Hirono.”

Hirono further pressed her asking if she’s ever had to face discipline or enter a settlement related to any such sexual conduct. Amy Coney Barrett responded, “no.”

This is a reminder of the Justice Brett Kavanaugh hearings two years ago for his appointment to the SCOTUS. In that hearing, Dianne Feinstein claimed she received an email from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford stating that Kavanaugh had assaulted her at a high school party. Kavanaugh denied the accusation and it was never proven true.

It’s no surprise that democrats would pull out this tactic again, it’s their second most commonly used tool; just behind calling their opponents a racist. Which Barrett has been called because she adopted two Haitian children. Judge Barrett’s life, and so far her hearing, has proved that she is not a racist, nor has she ever committed such atrocious sexual actions. She has a reputable record, is a mother to seven children, is firm in her Christian faith, and has been an amazing judge.

Democrats are upset that the President and Senate are fulfilling their Constitutional obligation by appointing and confirming a new justice followed by the vacancy left from the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As Republicans have affirmed and Democrats have ignored, there is nothing unconstitutional or wrong about this process. It doesn’t matter that the election is roughly 20 days away, but the Democrats would like Americans to think that it does.

Sources: Confirmation Hearing, Daily Wire; Photo-The Randy Report

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