Five young girls found abandoned at bank of Rio Grande as influx of migrant children continues

Five young migrant girls were found abandoned at the bank of the Rio Grande.

A Texan farmer named Jimmy Hobbs found 5 young migrant girls suffering in the cruel heat of an over 100 degree day. “I don’t think they would have made it if I hadn’t found them…because it got up to 103 yesterday,” Hobbs said. The girls were all under the age of 7, one being so young that she couldn’t walk. Hobbs called Border Patrol and the girls were escorted to a more hospitable area. Customs and Border Protection is going to place the girls in the custody of Health and Human Services after they properly investigate their identities. As of now, it is believed that they came from Honduras and Guatemala.

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With growing criticism about the border situation, President Biden has trusted Vice President Kamala Harris with handling the issue. She says that the thing that the migrants are running from is what should be focused on. “Together, we must fight violence, we must fight corruption and impunity. It is in our countries’ mutual interest to provide immediate relief to the Northern Triangle and to address the root causes of migration,” Harris said to the Mexican President in a virtual meeting, as she has not yet traveled to the southern border.

Some believe that the undoing of the Trump Administration’s policies is to blame for the chaotic overflow, while others, such as the Secretary of Homeland Security, claim that there is no crisis and that any issues the DHS faces is to be blamed on the former administration. Kamala Harris will begin her approach with a formal trip to Mexico and Guatemala on June 7th and 9th.





One thought on “Five young girls found abandoned at bank of Rio Grande as influx of migrant children continues

  1. The Biden admin said the border was closed on video! Back in March they said they were putting the info on the radio and in newspapers where ppl were coming from (now 100+ countries) but who knows and considering imo ppl are catching on finally that the extreme Democrats lie about everything all the time! Biden is acting like a dictator with all his executive actions! Stretching out the emergency powers because of the China virus as well as blue state governors! Giving perks to our adversaries like a pipeline to Russia and Afghanistan to China and Iran! All while we arm the Taliban with 85 billion taxpayers dollars worth of brand new weapons, vehicles, helicopters and aircrafts etc! Now we have America hostages and our allies trapped in Afghanistan while we bring home 13 dead service members and 120,000 refugees who we have already found 300 or more red flagged Afghans possible criminals, Taliban fighters, pedophiles etc. just what we don’t want! Imo this is exactly what Biden wants to be happening just like all the strangers crossing the border when the SCOTUS said to reinstate the remain in Mexico policy has he started to work out the details with Mexico? I doubt it when he opened the border chances are high that he will continue to break the law just like he is doing with the virus! Tells Americans what to do by mandate or bullying corporations and businesses to mandate their employees to vaccinate or test or be fired! All while virus sick people can go anywhere in the states paid for by the American citizens! Plus the cartels trafficking people and drugs all thanks to the dictator Obiden😡 we have bad ppl running our gov who at their ages know this is their last chance to make America a communist marxist society! A welfare nation where ppl work and give it all to the gov so they can give you just enough to get by while they live in palaces and we live in gov housing because we can’t own property anymore! Imo Obiden is an evil person whose friends have chosen to walk with the Devil 👹 all for power and control before they die from old age!

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