FEDERAL JUDGE Orders January 6 Defendant To Be Released From D.C. Jail

A federal judge has ordered a January 6th defendant to be released from the DC jail. This comes after an unannounced inspection by US Marshals last month showed inhospitable conditions at the prison facility.

Judge Royce Lamberth in a statement said that the conditions in the jail were “deplorable” and “beyond belief” and ordered the immediate transfer of defendant Christopher Worrell to a different facility.

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“This court has zero confidence that the DC jail” The Marshals inspection discovered the inhumane conditions at the D.C. jail like shutting down water in many cells for multiple days, clogged toilets.

They even discovered that an inmate was being pepper-sprayed and to make it worse, he was unable to wash the spray off for days on end which lead to an infection.

Judge Lamberth made the Marshals report public on Wednesday. It shares horrific details like the DC Department of Corrections staff “antagonizing detainees” and “directing detainees to not cooperate with” the Marshals during their inspection.

“One DOC staffer was observed telling a detainee to ‘stop snitching,’” according to the report.

This also cites detainees not getting access to water for drinking and washing hands for days on end. The report also found improper food service with meals “served cold and congealed”

Previous reports of inhumane treatment at the D.C. Jail were made public and the mainstream media labeled it as “conspiracy theories” and at times celebrated the inhumane treatment at the correction facility. Many detainees are facing treatment far worse than in a third-world country.

These ‘political prisoners’ are facing some of the worst thought crime punishments in modern America thanks to the power-hungry Biden Department of Justice.

What do you make of Judge Royce Lamberth’s decision to transfer defendants to a different facility? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

160 thoughts on “FEDERAL JUDGE Orders January 6 Defendant To Be Released From D.C. Jail

  1. Not a single January 6th participant should be behind bars, except the security guard that murdered Ashley, that innocent woman. The double standard across America is unconstitutional and I pray justice will prevail and the corrupt judges that sentenced those participants all go to Hell!

    1. You forgot the other killing. D.C. Metro Police Officer Lila Morris found an unconscious Roseann Boyland in the tunnel between chambers and proceeded to beat her to death. Read that again, unconscious.

      1. NOT THE US! This is wrong and I hope they sue the crap out of the GOVT. They had no due process and lawyers appointed to make work against them. Heartbroken for these people. Due process!!!

      2. RachelB. Yeah. Right. And I bet you believe in the ToothFairy and Santa Claus.

      3. Ashli faked her death to avoid the Deep State assassins, who were trying to kill her,” said a Parler user called Joe Phillips. “The cop was in on it. It was fake blood.” 

    2. If we are made aware of these horrible conditions, why is that jail allowed to remain open? I’ve heard and read articles on this, yet nothing is done. Hold those accountable that are operating the facility!

      1. These Americans citizens are political prisoners and their families should be suing the DC jail, Nancy Pelosi, the country of British Columbia and the state department for cruel and unusual punishment for trespassing. We Americans should be in the streets protesting on their behalf. Sickened by this.

      2. I agree!!! WHY are these people STILL in this jail??? No one has been charged!! HORRIBLE and PATHETIC! Shame on those responsible!!!!

      3. The real outrage is why the people in charge of the jail are not fired and charged and in jail themselves as well as the guards abusing the inmates…

      4. Put Biden his FRamily and his Idiotic Administration in there and treat them the same way!

      5. Remember several GOP Members went to the prison and were denied access a few times. Then finally gained access & they reported the abuses of the inmates & the deplorable conditions the inmates were forced to live in. Just shows that vengeance is in the Democrat politicians agenda as usual.
        **Proud of this judge! Thank you sir for doing right by human beings!**

    3. Amazing how known criminals are released while peaceful partipants of Jan 6 are treated horribly.

      1. This is such a Disgrace. We don’t treat Foreign Prisoners this bad. Biden Crime Family should be ashamed of themselves. Justice for Ashli and the other victims of Jan 6 please. Punish the ones that did wrong to the citizens that were there for justice…they have served enough time

    4. All being held should be release to another facility but actually should be released since few actually created crimes. The judge needs to remember what the facility is like just in case Politicians from the J6 committee are charged with a crime and provide them with the same treatment they gave these U.S. citizens unjustly.

    5. The situation should be reversed and the DC Jail staff should be the prisioners.


    7. Innocent? She entered the Capitol unlawfully and was intent on disrupting an official government proceeding. She was trespassing and entered a restricted area during a riot.

    8. My intelligence has been assaulted with the criminal treatment and injustices perpatrated against American citizens by the Democrats in this circumstance. There is nothing they can say that would make me and many others believe that this was justified. Soo much hate, for what???

  2. The prisoners should be released with all charges dropped for having had to endure this treatment.

    1. They should release all prisoners and then fill those cells with correctional and officers and democrats

  3. They should have immediately been given bail and released not transferred to another prison! All those responsible for treating the defendants this way should be held accountable! Fired immediately! Put in prison! Their crimes are a
    100 times worse than entering the capital! We are under tyranny here in the USA by the tyrannical liberal democrats!

  4. Yet Democratic administration site cruelty and inhumane conditions for justification to try and close down Gitmo!

  5. This is the “Land of the Free”! Why are we putting up with this? Surely there are more “good guys” than “bad guys”. Good guys do your job and take care of we the people or you won’t have a job!

  6. Is there any Judge that is honest? How can any Judge be manipulate by Biden are Nancy? What is a Judge? The role of the judge is to keep order or to tell you the sentence of the person.
    A judge is to be impartial, fair an unbiased and to follow the laws of the state they are in and the
    United States Constitution and the Constitution of whatever state they are in. To listen to all
    evidence without passing judgment until all is heard,
    In cases with a jury, the judge is responsible for insuring that the law is followed, and the jury
    determines the facts. In cases without a jury, the judge also is the finder of fact.
    Why are this people are look up and have not been heard? Where is the justice for this people from January 6th? Liz Cheney is not a judge, why is she putting people on oath that are lying and let them get away with? The people who need to be hear is the one’s that are still looked up and had not been heard… I can go on and on, but the bottom line is this, STOP holding innocent people in jail……


    1. Absolutely. Don’t understand why our Republicans aren’t saying more or demanding their release?

  8. These conditions are unacceptable. Every person in a uniform there needs firing. Are there any democrats in the jail? I haven’t seen any punishment for anyone that tried to get Trump with Russian collusion, or FBI trying to unseat him. It’s a dierty rotten swamp in DC.

  9. Those who did these things should be put in jail and treated in the same way, and those who knew about it, and did nothing g, too°

  10. All prisoners for January 6th should be released. They should have never been treated so inhumane and degraded as they have been. They should however put everyone of the DC facility employees in jail for their inhumane practices towards others. However the DC facility is not large enough to hold all involved they would have to include to many of our elite politicians.

  11. They are crucifying everyone from the January 6th attack! Those involved in this abuse and mistreatment of inmates should be charge and prosecuted as well!
    My question- when are they going to start arresting, charging & prosecuting those that were involved in the destruction of over 2 billion dollars worth of property in democratic incited & led riots during 2020 & 2021??? When are we going to see the public officials charged with inciting those riots?? Everyone in this administration along with Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Lightfoot, Waters, Clinton, Obama’s & Chaney should be arrested, charged & prosecuted for derelict of duties, lying, & inciting riots.

  12. What is happening to these people is against the constitution and humanity. Should not be allowed and all should be released.

    1. They didn’t do anything traitorous, They are American citizens and they had a right to a speedy trial and to be treated like human beings. There is plenty of film of the capital police inviting these people in and opening doors and gates for them. If they were terrorist they would’ve had weapons but no one had a weapon

    2. NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. Especially INSURRECTION. Go troll somewhere else. The traitors are in congress and the White House.

      1. Would like to see those traitors in Congress be put in that jail with those conditions

  13. Rachel B if you actually think the Roseanne Boyland died of an overdose you are truly an idiot!!! No one from January 6th should be in prison except for those who planned it right down to the murder of whoever happened to be standing in that spot at that moment. So tired of the effing hypocrisy of this damn government that it makes me sick!!! Rules for thee but not for me! Screw them!!! They’re going to get theirs!!!

    1. Pelosi and Democrats and FBI CIA and others involved should be in jail. Because the whole JANUARY 6TH insurrection was planned by PELOSI and others. That’s the reason why she turned down President Trump National Guards. The whole Democrats party should be in prison.

  14. ___________ BERE WITNESS ___________
    ___________ A TIME TO STAND __________
    Note: This series of personal events and experiences is the basis for a book surrounding the events of January 6th, up to and it’s aftermath as seen through my eyes and personal experiences.
    Throughout the land today was a day just like many others. Perhaps you were working as most people who belong to this little family do providing for those whom you love or maybe you were trying to deal with the onslaught of propaganda coming from our government and especially from the mainstream news media. Most of the people I often speak with here and on the street have given up watching the msm altogether. I did that myself on November 12th or so of 2o2o. It seemed like the more I watched the more lies were invading my home as the days wore on from there forward.
    For instance, when the msm told us we didn’t actually see what we clearly All Saw happen in the Georgia yote tabulation after everyone was run out of the building in the dead of night and the early hours of Nov 3rd and 4th 2o2o. We watched as totes were taken from beneath a table that had been stashed away until everyone was run out of the building when piles and piles of balloons were run through tabulators again and again and again and again and again etc for hours and hours. “This” was my personal motivation to make the trip to DC on J6. I had other spiritual factors influence me to go as well which I have addressed in previous posts, but the single most contributing factor that led me to DC from a typical citizen standpoint was the way the mednia has pushed the steal on us the same way they have been cramming immoral issues down our throats for more years than I care to admit. Immoral issues that do Not line up with my own personal beliefs I will add. I had become fed up with the lies and out right propaganda, and that’s the bottom line…
    Recently, I have been doing some real soul searching over the past few months bickering with myself over whether or not to take a plea for my part in the events of J6. My family wants me to take this “deal”, but I feel that my God wants me to fight much the same as I often preach, for lack of a better word, here with this family of complete strangers tied together by one bond,, FREEDOM.
    How can I continue to say one thing and yet do another?
    These thoughts have surrounded my every waking moment for the past year and a half in one way or another…
    If I have learned anything from the past six years it’s that leaders lead and Damn the torpedoes! I watched the greatest President in modern times lead from an island in a swamp surrounded by snakes and man eating alligators while being bombed and sniped by every lowlife corrupt government official and the bought & paid for mainstream mednia has to offer. He had swamp rats smiling to his face and stabing him in the back at every turn and yet he was able to bring our Nation to the brink if real prosperity ALONE for the first time since 1950.
    And these thoughts bring me back to today.
    Today I stood, well,, it was on zoom and I was sitting but, I stood before a judge and began a fight for the Freedom I/ we hold so dear. Someone must STAND.. Why should I pass the buck when I say it on virtually every post? When I started these groups wanted to give people a place to congregate and discuss the issues we face in a post selection era and a place to share ideas and philosophies that the mainstream mednia wants to bury,, like “common sense”, “morality” and “spiritual awareness” just to name a few. I have no intention to lead anyone anywhere and yet undoubtedly God has plans I am unaware of.
    The storm is upon me. The pressure is real. And the consequences are daunting. Even though God has known from the beginning how my situation would play out I am just a feeble old man in all that plays out before our very eyes as this Nation sinks faster and faster. My situation over J6 is all but done now, the papers have even been signed,, but God keeps giving me a way to back out and today I found the courage to STAND for myself and those in my shoes who are having their civil liberties stomped on. To my lawyers objections until I read him the statement I had prepared in advance I took a STAND for those 867 souls who STAND or will STAND where I stood today. You see, today was the day I was to finish accepting the plea offered and finish finalizing the deal,,
    But God had other plans for me…
    Today, I plead for justice in open court. Primarily justice for myself, but justice for those other 867 souls who may or may not be getting the full force of injustice I have experienced.
    I couldn’t help but be a little emotional as I began spelling out the facts pertaining to the I injustices that have been perpetrated on myself and countless others who have remained silent throughout this modern day witch hunt. The court deals with facts so I was able to curb the emotion and let it smolder just under the surface like a child hiding under the covers from the boogeyman, an analogy that is all too real considering the situation.
    My judge allowed me to read my statement and there were no objections from the prosecution.
    I cannot share my statement verbatim for fear of further charges, but those of you who have been following this ordeal that has consumed my life know from prior posts about the infringements of my rights as an American citizen that have been perpetrated against me before being convicted of any of the misdemeanor charges I am accused of.
    As many of you know I called the Dallas field office of the fbi back on January 10th or 12th of 2021 to offer information. They declined to return my message, but didn’t hesitate to swat team my home along with local police on May 25th. The reason I will forever remember this date is not because of what the government, fbi or local law enforcement did to me, but because Thank God I was out of town witnessing the birth of my very first grandchild who’s image I’ve chosen as my profile picture. The neighbors, pets and I dare say the entire damn town (exaggerating) were not so lucky.
    My Judge is this matter seems to be a compassionate soul of high moral fiber who from my limited exposure conducts her court with grace and a by the book demeanor. She seems to have compassion for those who find themselves before her court, at least in my limited experience and she has stated that she comes from a public defenders background which I was able to ascertain from the net as well.
    The Judge in my case cannot do anything about the manner in which people come before her and I know that, but I felt it necessary to lay the ground work for the injustices I was about to lay at her bench.
    These actions taken against me are a mater of public record as I have Not been silent about any of them.
    Less than thirty days after turning myself in to fbi agents whom I met at the county jail where I was incarcerated for a period of time before being released on my own recognizance my partner in life was pulled over by local police in her own registered vehicle, detained and had said vehicle searched all without any paperwork upon release.
    The only reason given was that the vehicle had been flagged as “suspicious”.
    Infringement (1)
    About six months into reporting to federal pre-trial services and building a relationship with my assigned officer it was made known to me that there is an entry on my file in the federal system that describes me as a “violent extremist”. Mind you, none of my charges are for violence of any kind nor have I been proven guilty of any charges and yet someone who has access to the system has labeled me as a “violent extremist”.
    Infringement (2)
    On May 29th my life partner, our grandson and I were illegally detained at a border check station well within the continental United States southeast of El Paso on I-10 where we were all detained by Border Patrol and I was thrown in a holding cell and processed into their system complete with finger prints, mug shot, description and what appeared to be a retinal scan without reason or provocation for hours. When asked repeatedly for a reason for this illegal detainment of myself and family none was given. The only information that was shared is that we were singled out by way of our license plate, a vehicle which belongs to my partner and has no legal connection to me or the events of J6. Upon being released some hours later no paperwork was issued as proof that this detainment had ever happened.
    Infringement (3)
    Your Honor was quite concerned about these infringements rescheduled and postponed the hearing to finalize the plea agreement. Subpoenas for testimony are to be issued. From there where this goes is anyone’s guess.
    Who the hell knows what will happen tomorrow, but
    Today was a very good day…

    Lord help me, I need you like never before,,
    Please STAND for me, with me and by me. Amen

    1. Wow what an experience you deserve justice ! Use this negative as a possibility write a book a memoir of your experience to compensate what you and your family have been thru ! We must as American clean this cancer of liberal progressiveness out of this country our forefathers would have never stood for this!

  15. Now one 1/6 person must be held in any jail. Furthermore, EVERYONE OF THEM must file massive law suits against the Biden administration for crimes against humanity.

  16. All Defendants should be released IMMEDIATELY! All involved in their incarceration should take their places. The Capital Police Officer who shot Ashley Babbitt should be tried for Murder in the 1st Degree.

  17. I do not think none of them should be in jail. They are just after anybody that was a Trump fan. Did not do anything to the looters that destroyed city’s. And letting the killers and drug smuggled out of jail. The Dem are showing there true colors. They hate Americans.

  18. If this was the other way around…. not one of them would be in jail!! The DOJ is showing us every day just how corrupt it is! The entire Biden administration along with Pelosi, Schumer, et al are all corrupt. They are the ones that should be in jail, without water or food!! They have made a mockery of our country and our government. FJB

  19. Why has it taken this long to check on this when there have been Republicans reporting on this for quite some time! And why is these guards not fired? I really hope all these prisoners sue and win big!!

  20. The Judge needs to close the jail completely until everything is fixed. Also these Jan. 6 jailed people is ridiculous to.

  21. The person/persons responsible for the unlawful detention MUST be held liable and accountable. There’s no way around it! Crap like this happens in Communist countries.

  22. This is nothing more than Democratic harassment the Billions of damages done previously in riots no one was made accountable, the corruption in Washington is disgusting.

  23. It’s about time! Crooked one-sided Biden! Despise that man and all his lying radical left administration !

  24. I cannot believe that people are so evil as to stand by and treat another human so inhuman just because they are a Republican. But yet I shouldn’t be, Biden is the most evil person on this earth and he should be in that jail cell getting the same treatment.

  25. Whatever investigations have been conducted have deliberately overlooked or ignored the obvious in order to point partisan fingers in spurious directions to scapegoat certain individuals.

  26. Time for an honest federal judge to step in and stop the madness of this whole situation

  27. Where is the GOP in all of this? Other than the Rinos, they should be out in force to help these people!!

  28. These kind of bad judges and the bad people running bad prisons all belong in those prisons as inmates, to experience what they have allowed,

  29. Normally, the only reason officers would shut off water to an inmate’s cell is if they are throwing their contaminated feces or urine at guards or others who are charged with their care and confinement. With hard turds, targets are harder to hit than with watered down feces. With all the hepatitis and other diseases carried in human waste, it is a health and safety concern for officials. The judge should also have released any types of disciplinary actions this inmate was charged with, especially any dealing with feces throwing, etc.

  30. Order them ALL out, not transferred! If true criminals can be released over and over, these people have spent more than most put together!

  31. Let them all go home. Time after time I have seen the videos showing the police opening the door waving people in. How can they have an insurrection when there weren’t even any weapons. It is all Pelosi wielding her evil sword of power. An investigation into Pelosi’s roll in his whole Jan 6th mess.

  32. This unbelievable how could we allow this inhumane treatment in our country? I am ashamed of those who allowed this travesty. Prosecute the officials who did this

  33. The prison should be closed, the employees fired, and after the election there should be a full investigation and charges for those responsible.

  34. There really needs to accountability and these detainees need compensation!

    1. They are holding these people in violation of the law. All the democrats involved should be jailed.

  35. this judge sentenced a 69 year old woman battling cancer to a prison in CA with lifers for a misdemeanor…don’t give him any credit.

  36. They all should be released and paid compensation for every day they were help in jail . The police waved them all in that was not an invasion. Watch the video and you can see for yourself.

  37. I look at this in another light. I believe these people where jailed and remain in said jail. So we don’t do anything about a stollen election. I can’t believe they are still being held and not charged. No to say about having someone banging on your door in the middle of the night. This is just to scare the public and keep them from revolting. WRONG JUST PLAIN UNAMERICAN WRONG

    1. the democrats are making something to legitamize the election. ive even read an article that sez biden is planning on stealing the next election also

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