FEDERAL JUDGE Orders January 6 Defendant To Be Released From D.C. Jail

A federal judge has ordered a January 6th defendant to be released from the DC jail. This comes after an unannounced inspection by US Marshals last month showed inhospitable conditions at the prison facility.

Judge Royce Lamberth in a statement said that the conditions in the jail were “deplorable” and “beyond belief” and ordered the immediate transfer of defendant Christopher Worrell to a different facility.

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“This court has zero confidence that the DC jail” The Marshals inspection discovered the inhumane conditions at the D.C. jail like shutting down water in many cells for multiple days, clogged toilets.

They even discovered that an inmate was being pepper-sprayed and to make it worse, he was unable to wash the spray off for days on end which lead to an infection.

Judge Lamberth made the Marshals report public on Wednesday. It shares horrific details like the DC Department of Corrections staff “antagonizing detainees” and “directing detainees to not cooperate with” the Marshals during their inspection.

“One DOC staffer was observed telling a detainee to ‘stop snitching,’” according to the report.

This also cites detainees not getting access to water for drinking and washing hands for days on end. The report also found improper food service with meals “served cold and congealed”

Previous reports of inhumane treatment at the D.C. Jail were made public and the mainstream media labeled it as “conspiracy theories” and at times celebrated the inhumane treatment at the correction facility. Many detainees are facing treatment far worse than in a third-world country.

These ‘political prisoners’ are facing some of the worst thought crime punishments in modern America thanks to the power-hungry Biden Department of Justice.

What do you make of Judge Royce Lamberth’s decision to transfer defendants to a different facility? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

160 thoughts on “FEDERAL JUDGE Orders January 6 Defendant To Be Released From D.C. Jail

  1. They all should be released, they haven’t been charged or given a court date for a year and a half.

  2. Each and everyone of these detainees should be at the very least moved to habitable facilities. No verdict has ever been pronounced yet they are tortured and humiliated and food deprived in our Nations Capitol. Technically they should be released on a time served basis. Heck we bring up troops or our military on charges for treatment of more deadly and dangerous persons that in reality HATE our Country, where as these are merely frustrated and angry if that CITIZENS. The Biden administration is guilty of crimes on humanity and in all probability more guilty than any of the detainees.

  3. Free all of the J6 political prisoners’ and jail the Biden and Clinton Crime families.

  4. Strange wording. First paragraph says one prisoner has been moved. The last paragraph says “transfer defendants” plural. It certainly SHOULD be plural in light of the report. What is it, then?

  5. They should all be released from jail immediately. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for holding them. This is all political and all because they support President Trump.

  6. I feel that all of those prisoners should just be released! The “real” people of America know that the whole “uprising” was bogus and done for political purposes! Be sure your sins will find you out Mr Biden! Your going to have to face God one day and He knows the truth already!

  7. The defendants shouldn’t be in jail this long without a court hearing….they should all be released, not “transferred” to a different prison. What crime did they get convicted of?

  8. Should let them go completely on bond, until their hearing. Criminals of far worse crimes get bond, but these are being treated far worse, and no bond.

  9. And when and if they sue unfortunately it will be the taxpayers who will cover it not those in government who caused it

  10. Transfeing to another facility is not enough. These DOJ and DC DOC should be arrested and charged. Maybe some would “snitch” on their bosses. We need to trace the orders up the chain to it’s origin. Probably the White House.

  11. Terrorist prisoners locked up at quantomano bay are treated better than Americans locked up for political reasons .. The judge should orded all of them be released on their own recongonze and sent home to await a court date . After trial they should be released for time served . AND awarded lost wages and also given the right to sue the justice department and the congress NAMLEY speaker Pelosi .. She could have prevented the events that took place to be prevented . IT’S DIRTY POLITICS AND THEY ALL KNOW IT . They know who is guilty but will not arrest them .

  12. I would like to see Nancy and her gang locked up in that jail. Her crimes are real and far worse than those she has charged these innocent people with. They have not been treated according to their constitutitonal rights . Like a 3rd world country prison camp. She is bitter and full of hate and needs to be removed from Washington. We have old people running this country who are bitter and need to be in a nursing home.

  13. Why has bail not been set, post bail & released?
    Murdered are being released every single day.. these folks did NOT murder anyone
    This is against the Constitution & their rights. They are Americans. The ILLEGALS & REAL criminals have more rights

  14. If Biden’s precious illegal immigrants were treated in this manner, he would be shouting from the White House roof to release them all.

  15. are the corrections officers not worse than the criminals they have behind bars. Each and everyone in that facility should be incarserated for the same amount of time as the detainees and treated in the same manner as they dished out. This is the fault of the Democratic congress that this was allowed to happen on Jan.6. They were co conspirators of this act because of lack of protection from police. They were told to stand down on that date. Who gave that order and who was behind the person who was told to give the stand down order? These questions will never be answered because too many high ranking Democrats and Republicans would be facing prison time. So what you’re hearing is how the people who did this to start with treat the ones they talked into the act of treason which in my book was an act of heroism by the people detained. It’s only a matter of time before the country knows the truth and when they do . All hell is going to break loose in D.C. and therte will be no more congress nor politicians to be corrupt. they will get their day of justice.

  16. They should all be set free, not moved to another facility. The Jan 6th incident was staged and NOTHING has been done to the man who shot and killed an unarmed woman who was trying to get people to calm down and defuse the situation.

  17. Should those who were over these detainees be arrested for the crimes against inhumanity these people were experiencing. They should not be let off the hook for their behavior.

  18. It is about time somebody does something that makes sense. I believe these innocent and unjustly imprisoned patriots should receive reparations for what has been perpetrated against them.

  19. All of them should be released! These people did nothing wrong! They are innocent patriots and those responsible for their unbelievably horrible treatment are the ones who should be punished!

  20. I don’t think they deserve to be in prison to start with and with the conditions they have had to endure is far above the normal I see a large lawsuit comming in the near future and by right they should have one. You don’t treat your fellow countrymen
    N and women in that type of manner it’s just not the way we do things .

  21. Someone, actually every person there needs to be held accountable. Put them in the same conditions for a year and half including Adam Schiff and late night ass whose name I can’t recall.

  22. Yes, they are political prisoners. No access to a lawyer, no bail, unconstitutional. This has become a dictatorship. It’s time we all stood our ground and let them know we are not going to take this anymore.

  23. I cannot believe that these people are in jail for over a year when none of them had committed any criminal act, but only were asking for the time to make sure that all of the states that had collected a lot of voter fraud ballots, like the ones in Georgia and Arizona, and Wisconsin and a few others that had some people even dead for more than ten years.
    In fact the ones that first arrived at the Capitol were not even present when the president Donald Trump was speaking and they were all democrats to boot. All of this year they have been mentally as well as physically ABUSED. They didn’t even get the one holding the Microphone from that day (Who I am sure that he is a Democrat!)!

  24. Political prisoners should all be released. These defendants are not guilty. They are not being given due process and are being mistreated.

  25. This is truly deplorable. May justice be served. May the deplorable conditions be stopped. These are American citizens. Human dignity is in order for all people.

  26. I think that AG Garland and President Biden should each be placed in solitary confinement in that pig pen. They have no respect for this country or the American citizens.

  27. Thank you Sir ! I’m so sorry for these people and praying for God to give them strength to see them through.

  28. They should all be released and venues moved out of hellhole DC. There will never be a fair trial in DC.

  29. There is s crime here it’s called crule and inhuman punishment. Those inprisoned in this facility should be released and all persons at the facility jailed.

  30. Why are they even still in jail? Let them free! They did nothing illegal! The guilty ones are roaming our government, free! Lock them up in those deplorable conditions!

    1. The jail officials and their superiors in the Biden Administration should be arrested & hauled into court. This is political punishment typical in 3rd World countries. And that is exactly what The DEMS are turning our country into: A Third World Country.

    2. Nothing wrong except storm the capital,kill a few people and try to overthrow an election. Sure nothing wrong with that.

      1. The Biden crime family should be the ones in jail! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Unreasonable bail if any and it was ok for Harris to bail out those destroyers of cities! You obviously are easily gas lighted. Travesty of justice!

      2. They killed no one. Ms Babbot who was unarmed was killed while entering thru a window. And another woman was killed in the tunnels. If you quit watching mainstream media and watch actual videos you would know that their information was hyped up lies. Unknown fact just a couple weeks ago it was done again by Shapiro and several others not once but twice in the same night! They were let in by 3 politicians! Yet NOTHING was said by media! And they were immediately released after being arrested. So why are they treated so differently? And they were breaking things!

      3. They killed NO ONE! The only one killed was unarmed Ashli Babbitt by a capitol security guard.


    4. They need to be let out. Shame on dems for treating all these people horribly. God will take care of these horrible people torturing these people. No hund, no reopens and your antifa and black matters needed to be arrested but you didn’t. But even then should not have been tortured just arrested and locked out for what they had done.


    6. They should all be released and replaced with the jailers. These conditions should not be allowed in any USA jail. The media, Pelosi, McConnell, the Jan 6 committee are just a small number of those complicit with their lies. BLM and Antifa burned, bombed, murdered and maimed. They were and still given passes.

  31. These folks should be released and charges dropped. Just because of conditions that they have endured. And there is far more than what is reported here. The staff should be charged with abuse physical mental and psychological.

  32. Free all them. Close down the jail. A judge with common sence and a set of balls. Thank You.

  33. These are the people that should be on trial. Treating people who are not even charged yet. More inhumane than jails for charged criminals. This act itself is criminal. Why are they not being held accountable for this inhumane treatment?

  34. Its a great decision but I wish he had let them go home. I don’t believe they should be in jail at all. They are being treated worse than murderers & rapists & thieves.

  35. Bring the ag and other Biden officials that knew of their treatment up on charges, or better yet just show them the same hospitable treatment they bestowed on their captors.

  36. It is about time a judge grew a pair to address this abuse! Now I would like to see Steven Colbert and his staff take the released prisoners place!

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