FBI IN BIG TROUBLE, “Stay Tuned”: Top House Republicans Drop Bomb On Former FBI Agent Who Silenced The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

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Jim Baker is his name. Committing acts of fraud at the FBI is his game.

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No, really. That’s what members of congress are investigating right now. During his time at the FBI, Baker had ample opportunities to commit acts of fraud against the government.

Was he involved in the Hillary Clinton email cover up? Did he assist Comey in letting her go free?

We don’t know. . . yet. Hopefully, these patriots will get some answers.

Rep. James Comer said this to Baker in a letter:

“Committee on Oversight and Reform Republicans are investigating President Biden’s involvement in his family’s foreign business practices and international influence peddling schemes. You have been identified as a figure central to suppressing information regarding President Biden and his family prior to an American election.

“Therefore, Committee Republicans request your attendance at a public Committee hearing during the 118th Congress to assess Big Tech’s control of free discourse and information sharing,” 

“Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently claimed that Twitter ‘has interfered in elections.’ The American people deserve to know why Twitter took down the Hunter Biden laptop story even when your colleagues were questioning the rationale for suppressing the story.

“Your testimony will provide the Committee critical context regarding the Twitter censorship team’s decision to prohibit users from sharing information about a presidential candidate,” Comer said.

Thank heavens for Elon Musk and his willingness to broadcast these crimes on the platform. Without him, we may not ever know about Baker and his nefarious acts.

Elon said this when he had Baker fired:

“In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today,” Musk tweeted in response to Taibbi, who shared a story from famed legal scholar Jonathan Turley.

Rep. Comer also sent a letter to Vijaya Gadde, the former head of the legal department at Twitter who helped to bury the Hunter Biden laptop story.

“On October 14, 2020—the day the laptop story was published—Twitter took steps to severely limit users’ ability to share reporting by the New York Post that challenged Joe Biden’s assertion he had never participated in his family’s history of using his public office for financial gain.

“According to new information released by Twitter, you played a key role in the decision to censor the story—while ‘the Biden team’ directed Twitter to remove stories in the days leading up to the 2020 election,” the representative said.

“Your decision was made without knowledge or approval of Twitter’s then-CEO Jack Dorsey and when another leader of the platform’s censorship team—Yoel Roth—believed the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story ‘didn’t reach a place where I was comfortable removing [the] content from Twitter.’ Yet, Twitter—at your behest—suppressed the story and suspended the Post’s Twitter account.

“Media outlets including the New York Times and the Washington Post now acknowledge that the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop is authentic,” Comer said.

Wowza! I’m already feeling the shock and awe of these fireworks. Finally, these liberals are going to be held accountable for their crimes.

America’s eager to see justice. Hopefully, these members of congress will get it for us.

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